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so clean! where’d you snag those mannequins-y knobs for your maths?


They are called Sifam knobs and are available with caps of various colors. Thonk has them.


@AlessandroBonino is right! They’re Sifam “Intellijel-style” knobs from Thonk! I bought them for a massive DIY project that seems like it’ll be on hold for the foreseeable future, and I figured it would be fun to ditch the blue to match the color-scheme a little better.

I think that Sifam knobs ARE actually the Mannequins knobs, so if you wanted, you could get even closer resemblance than I did.


Would it just be replacing the caps? Could go all black, including Teletype :slight_smile:


4 cups boiled water for tea. 5-6 bags. steep for ~10 mins. stir in 1 cup white sugar until dissolved. mix that in the big big jar w maybe 6 cups water, add scoby when that’s cooled. sits in the big jar, paper towel cover, for a week or so. bottle (get flip tops!) with trader joe’s ginger candies, let that condition at room temp for a few days. really tasty, fizzy results.

tried oolong but black definitely works best. this was the last batch with a bergamot-flavored english style black (i’m not getting anything i can’t get at the mexican grocer), the next will be with a cardomon flavored ceylon tea so we will see how that works.


this is the point where our recipes diverge. that’s crazy! is the ginger dissolving/infusing the taste or is it just to push along the carbonation process? what else have you tried? we’ve stuck with fruits for the flip top phase but i am loving how clear that looks.


the candies definitely add ginger to the taste and the additional sugar must be contributing to the (still mild, but quite present) carbonation.

i tried candies orange peel and didn’t get the same result.


Curious about one thing. I was under the impression that one should place the TT next to the JF in order to connect them using the i2c cable or whatever it’s called. As I am planning to get a TT when they are available again, or sometime in 2019 at any rate, I’d like to know how close they need to be to talk to each other.

And while I’m on the subject, I’ve got an Ansible coming. Can that talk with JF and if so, does it need to be next to it as well?

The whole Monome/Mannequins inter-connectivity thing is a bit oblique to a newb, I’m afraid…



my Teletype, Ansible, W/'s and Just Friends are all connected to each other via a 6-pin daisy-chaining ribbon cable I made. Based on the length of cable I used and the placement of connectors along it, Just Friends is about as far away as possible.

Apparently it’s advisable that I2C cables not be too long, but so far no problems, and in any case, it’s not like it’s stretching to the opposite corner of some 9U case, just the other end of my skiff.

(the W/'s are actually both connected to a slashes board @xenus_dad kindly made for me and THEN to power and I2C, hence them having to be next to each other, but so far the slashes board just saves me having to use more connectors.)

ETA – as to your Ansible question, the answer is, Ansible can’t access Just Friends’s I2C features on its own yet. I believe @scanner_darkly is working on a rewrite of the Ansible firmware that would allow this for at least some apps, but my understanding is that’s very much still in progress


Wondering if you would share where you found a longer i2c cable. I’m planning a case rearrange and the plan right now is to have the 2 i2c ports ~75hp away from each other. Has there been any stability issues you’ve noticed?


They are easy to DIY :slight_smile:


Ah just completely read over that first paragraph there! Is there any info of what tools and materials you need to do that?


yes we have some info here: DIY i2c cables


Ah nice, I had commented on that a while back even, heh. Thanks!


that thread is exactly what I followed to make mine. bought some cute little rainbow ribbon cable, some snap-on connectors and voila! surprisingly easy to put together. Thankfully Monome and Mannequins have their I2C pinout the same up to rotating the connector!


dope sticker choice!


temporary measures


Looks like a great environment to create in. I want to be there now-


Bought guitar hooks a couple weeks ago, just in time to go out of town for work. Got home yesterday, and this morning…hung guitars! I’m irrationally terrified that the anchors will fail (they won’t, but I’m still nervous)

Super happy with the look, NOW I have NO excuse not to make amazing music… :stuck_out_tongue:



uuuum, what is this?
edit: found it, a Stream Deck, right? how is it?