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I am starting to develop a cassette problem


Setup for tonight in Richmond, VA. Triggering my Mangrove with a contact mic on a random sequence. Very fun times.


I had two pull out. Both were supporting heavier electrics, and thankfully a desk below took the brunt of the bounce each time.

Anchors should go in studs, not in drywall alone.

(which has all the ‘well that is obvious’ in the world about it, and that’s what I thought as I checked the guitars for damaged, both times… which begs the question how I let it happen twice… sigh).


I use these instead:

Looks better, can mount guitars on an angle, and distributes the weight across two anchor points.


Yeah! I like 'em - I have two from work. One stays on my desk, the other travels with me to theaters when I’m in production. They’re geared heavily towards gamers, so there’s a lot of native support for Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, etc, but the general system actions are mostly just keystrokes. A Stream Deck plus Keyboard Maestro starts getting into some interested territory, though… They detect what application you’re currently working in, so you can set up custom buttons per application, which is handy. So I have a general default layout, then layouts for Logic, for QLab (theater sound playback software), for Excel, etc.

They’re serialized, so when you plug one in, the Stream Deck software knows which one’s which and can load a custom profile (button layout) for it…which is great if you are using more than one at a time, but when you want to have one at work and one at home that look and act the same…less useful.


Oh those are cooool. I might have to keep those in mind. These hangers seem pretty sturdy, plus they have two anchors per hanger, so fingers crossed. My fear is mostly that I’ve hung them so high up because of the synth and the standing desk, so they have a long way to fall if they ever do fall.


How is it going up on the hill? Glad to know there are more modularists at Cornell!


Oh hey I never did the Gamelan Ensemble but class of '96 here


New workspace, with a new wooden case I made over the weekend. Such a dream!


Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but - anchors should only go in drywall. That’s what they’re for. If you can access the studs, you can just use wood screws. I love going to the hardware store.


What’s the module in the upper center? Its white space looks fun :grinning:


That’s a modified Korg Monotron Delay – it was my first “module,” and even though I’ve surrounded it with high-ticket items, it’s still the first module I use in any patch. The gritty lo-fi filter, and the equally lo-fi fake Space Echo, are 99% of my aesthetic.


Some anchors are definitely better than others though, and some walls are not well suited for anchors.

Toggle bolts are much better than push-in plastic anchors, that’s for sure. Even if it feels like you have to drill an enormous hole in your wall to mount them.


Sorry, poor language. I meant ‘anchoring system for the hanger’ not drywall anchor.



Dream waiting to be realized.


Made a tiny and very loud white noise module from a cheap Chinese eBay kit




This is a picture, a moving picture with sound (yay! The future!). It’s part of a live video filmed on the John Cage train. John Cage, in 1978, organized a “prepared train”, where passengers could walk and have different listening experiences. This year, the same people that helped putting it together in 1978 organized a recreation of the event, on a steam train, between the same towns (Bologna and Porretta Terme), and invited me and some other Italian musicians and noisemakers. The trip was about three-hour long, and we played all the time. Here they caught me playing with norns study #1 and the Landscape Stereo Field. :slight_smile:


Refurbished the old Ghostbox for our Isn’tses gig at DIY Space for London this evening. Funny repairing 18 year old circuitbends, like did I use a 47k log pot because that was the ideal range for that particular control discovered via hours of testing different things, or was it just the only pot I had to hand ripped from some old radio? :smiley: in this case 100k Lin seems to work fine/better.


I needed more space so I converted one of those $30 Walmart cubby things and some $5 bed risers. Pretty pleased!

And if I want a standing setup all I have to do is switch the key step and mantis. Surprisingly sturdy thanks to the $5 roll of the no slip goodness. :wink: