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Fed up of plugging gear in for half an hour for small gigs and support slots. Here’s my one case, all wired in improv set up. Just lift the lid and go!!


Working on a new song. I’ve been tearing apart and rebuilding setups for each new tune.


Is this a new style 256? I didn’t even know that was a thing!

EDIT: whoops perspective messed me up. That’s 8x16 (128) :sweat_smile:


Playing ambient at a design conference today :blush:


What software runs on your gameboy?
I used to make noises with nanoloop ages ago.


Nice one, looking into doing the same. What case are you using?


@rumorazzi - This is Nanoloop Mono, which sounds nothing like a Game Boy, but that I’d proper recommend. It’s a kind of paraphonic 303-style analogue filter in a gameboy cart (I know, how does Olivier do it?!) but the sounds really fit well with the Nanoloop interface. Here’s a link: http://www.nanoloop.de/mono/ I’ve been producing using LSDJ for years under the moniker DoNotRunWithPixels, but this isn’t that, and that isn’t this…

@1234 - It’s just a generic, no-brand large pedal board. I just happened to be the right size, and not too heavy. I wanted to do this in a pelican case, the larger Pelican Air case was about right, but I didn’t want to spend as much on the case as the stuff inside it. I usually drive to my gigs, as I’m in the UK, so it’s pretty easy. This is more about ease-of-use than it is about protection.


Making progress.

Still to finish building: VCFS, LGP/Timbre. And the final empty space is going to be a custom module from Loudest Warning with Res EQ, Ring Mod, and VCA.

I have a new album coming soon that was recorded entirely with this setup, more info soon!


Serging hell! That’s a lot of Serge.


Louis meant to submit this picture to this thread, but he accidentally sent it to the NYTimes. Sweet home studio Louis!


His home in Corona, Queens, is a cool house museum, should you ever get the chance to visit.


thanks for the heads up! lives in Astoria, never knew about it.


Definitely worth a visit. I was there quite a ways back, so I don’t know how it’s changed in terms of how it’s presented, but I trust it’s still worth the trip. One thing to keep an eye out for, not that it won’t be obvious: Armstrong’s wife, Lucille, had a serious thing for wallpaper.


No more gaps!! I built the case at the beginning of January and I’ve been slowly figuring the system out. It’s turned into a sort of hybrid signal processor and physical modeling voice that I’m quite happy with.


running some experiments


looks like 1hp extra on row 2 :smiley:


This is the first time I see a miasma. How is it?


Yeah, it’s like 3/4 of an hp actually and it annoys me XD.

Miasma is great! It does everything Rampage does but the attenuverters on the rise/fall time CV’s are super handy, especially for self-patching it. And the 4 quadrant multiplier actually adds a lot of options, aside from just ring modding the two channels, you can do stuff like send a sound into channel 1, use the slew as a grimey sounding filter, then set up channel 2 as an envelope and 4qx becomes a traditional VCA out. I love using it as an oscillator, too. It won’t track v/8 but I sequence it with Frames, just manually tuning the steps, and it works well.


Pretty adorable couple