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Current setup. No CV interface for the iPad, so I’m only using it for audio processing, still really awesome!


AUM is really great!


here is a photo of my current set up as of tonight, first day with the tsnm


i also have yet to really experiment with the more “conventional” ( not the best word as there are also some bonkers ones ) sequencers. i’ve been using the keyboard running through a slew module, then a quantizer module, then in to a cv recorder module. it’s like a VERY primitive earthsea. its very fun and tactile like i like it.

well if i you say so!

audulus paired up with an es-8 has been a game changer for me. it really opened up my modular and has been incredibly fun and musically rewarding. i do think there is a bit to consider before diving in obviously.

when originally planning my modular setup, i had completely disregarded using it in a live context. it seemed a bit too time consuming to think about, cumbersome, and extremely expensive. my original idea was to create a little 84 hp skiff that got me some sounds i liked, with a focus on sounds i found harder to make with a computer. i make heavily sampled based music so i really was thinking of the modular as another sample source. this freed me from spending a lot of time/money thinking about complex generative patches or anything like that. i just wanted a cool sample source that could wiggle around and be fun and wild, all the composing would be done in ableton “in post” haha. at first i thought i would get some vcos / vcfs and control them with an es8 and vcv rack. but then i found out about audulus and i was so excited. i already used an ipad as samplr is a complete must for me, and i already had an es 8, therefor audulus was a no brainer for me. i could now not only do all the modulation and crazy generative patches, i could also take it out live !

the experience itself has been amazing. i find the interface fun and easy to use, the module library is deep and using it with the es8 could not be easier. there is even an es-8 module inside audulus! the es-8 shows up in ios no problem and with aum, you can set up the the i/o as you please. and finally to seal the deal, Mark, one of the designers @audulus is extremely nice and responsive. he really helped me figure it out quick.

one thing i am looking forward to is the implementation of more gestural cv control that takes advantage of ios. something like samplr for cv!! only with earthsea esqe features !!


something I’m working on right now


Do tell us more…


GHOST is a CV-Recorder (also Triggers/Gates).
The max. recording time is up to 60 seconds (7.5s, 15s, 30s, 60s) based on the selected quailty), CV Voltage range is +/- 10V. Playback speed is possible between 1/4 and x4 of the original. (under CV Control)
Reverse playback, OneShot, Looping is also supported.
In addition to the non persistent RAM, the complete recording can be also stored into the Eeprom for a later use.

And yes, there are some similarities to Mannequins W/ :slight_smile:


Congrats, that looks good !

Would be interested as to how this is accessed in terms of user interface…


During Playback, Press SET+PLAY to incresase and SET+REC to decrease the speed. Longpress on REC during Playback will reverse the Playback direction.


are you using the motu as an ipad audio interface? if so was it easy?


I wish, but no. Right now, I am using an Apogee JAM hidden under the iPad. My Motu is an old ultralite with only firewire, so not a class compliant device (not sure if it’s the right term). I do want to upgrade for the newer version to be able to use it for audio/cv with the iPad.


In good hands I see !


Yeah Model 15 has broadened my interest in sound design for sure, I’ve been leaving the presets alone and trying to see what I can come up with on my own - it’s a lot of fun. I intend on going through the tutorial also at some point.

Right now my favorite apps are: Model 15, Audiolayr, SynthOne - (Synth One is Free, Open Source, and crazy good synth), Ravenscroft275, and isymphonic. And then for effects and such I like Borderlands, Samplr, Xynthesis, and FugueMachine. If you like Xynthesis you’ll love FugueMachine too. I came across this channel on youtube called the Sound Test Room. He gives great reviews and tutorials on pretty much every music app you can think of - Great resource to check out before buying anything. Here’s a link for FugueMachine Review https://youtu.be/rww2sYw38c8


is that an intaglio print on the wall?


An exciting day for me, a not very interesting photo for anyone else, but yes, I’m excited


Nice to get a look inside a norns box! Enjoy your new acquisitions :slight_smile:


Little outboard box of oddball 12v kits is shaping up :slight_smile: so far the aforementioned sine/Tri and square function generator plus tiny noise generator in the lid. The waves bleed thru into the white noise a bit despite my kludged bypass caps but I don’t know if that even matters for my purposes :smile:

Going to cram one or 2 more tiny circuits in there soon


I absolutely love this table!


Thanks! It used to be my Granny’s kitchen table. I think it’s from the 50s.


It’s too snowy to take my machine outside, so I’ll take it on another type of adventure.

painting by Colin Marx