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I needed some FM in my life


Sick days are for learning your Morphagene (when too stir-crazy to sleep anyway).


Starting to get some real Noise out of this thing.


What’s the black module on the left ? Some kind of mixer or VCA with mutes ?


Looks like this Antumbra 6MIX (I think)


Yep as mutedial said it’s the 6MIX, a friend kindly gave me the PCB and panel, it’s my first SMD build :slight_smile: It’s great, tho the mutes I find a bit annoying because I don’t really need them and it’s easy to accidentally press them.

Lights inside the jacks is a really nice and simple idea (they’re just smd leds poking thru holes on the PCB) which i may steal for my own circuits :slight_smile:


Just added Push to the setup. I’m loving the isomorphic keyboard so far.


Is that an ES8?
Love the peaceful setting there!


do you mind sharing some quick info about your Ableton/Macbook Air setup? does your Air keep up pretty well?


It is! Once en I’m donne rigging some simple max for live devices it should integrate very nicely with Ableton.

The thing I love the most about this space is the light.


I’ve just had Push for a few days only so far, however I’ve had the time to notice that some of the more visually intensive devices (EQ 8) lagged a bit. The MacBook is a medium-range mid-2012 model which has put up with a fair bit of abuse (dropped multiple times, spent many nights rendering 3D stuff at 100% CPU load). The only time I’ve hit limits in Ableton is when I’ve used some very computationally expensive Max for Live synths, otherwise it’s fine. I’ll be replacing it soon as it’s getting too slow for my graphics programming desires. If you are looking to purchase a new MacBook, I advise against going for the new MacBook Air as the non-touch bar MacBook Pro is at a very close price point, is significatively more powerful and about as thin.


new friend to learn


I love mine. Try some single cycle wave samples. :slight_smile:


The monowave rom is a great place to start with that http://hexawe.net/mess/monowave.wav :+1:


Ending 2018 in monochrome. Replaced all of my blue Rogans with white ones.


I do the same with all my make noise- I think they look SO much better monochromatic.


I don’t think the blue knobs have enough contrast. I’ve done the same.

The only Mutable knob I have that isn’t white is the top channel on Shades, which is the one I set to 10V rather than 5V.

I do have orange on all my Harvestman stuff though. :slight_smile:


Is that 84 hp? in a Pelican (?) 1500?

that’s a good-looking system


It’s one of these, which I bought as my first case nearly two years ago.



That looks quite ideal. Perfect size, too. Does it feel fairly shock-resistant, like when you’re setting it down, or loading it into what/wherever… do the rails absorb much, if any of the impact?

The monochrome does look fine on a MN system.