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It’s pretty sturdy, in my experience. I travelled with it for the the first time a few months back and had an issue with the power cord coming loose from the power brick, which required removing a couple of modules to access and reconnect it. That was the only serious issue I’ve ever had with it, but I’m not the least bit surprised that it came loose considering the bumpy flights and long-distance bus rides it endured on that trip.

They also have a larger version of this case which looks like it’d be perfect for touring modular musicians or people trying to easily transport 12U worth of modules in a durable, waterproof case.



I’ve got one of those trogotronic cases too and it feels super sturdy. One concern I have with it is how the power is mounted- kind of just screwed directly onto the case. Worried if I travel by plane or train or something it could get jostled out of alignment. Amazing case though, feels like it’s half the price it should be.


Practicing a combination of modified field recordings and processing vocals and guitar. I’m the one taking the photo in the foreground from my equipment’s-eye-view, which is to say I’m neither singing nor playing the guitar.

Norns: help


After a brief hiatus, I picked up Teletype again. Looking forward to focusing and trying many things with this small system. The case is a Roland SYR-E84 and Teletype i2c is hooked up to Just Friends and /W.



omg this looks like heaven


A few months have past since I made this little studio setup for myself. Still enjoying it, but it’s getting a bit crowded. Especially if I’m getting a Grandmother there’s no way I can keep it this small. A good reason not to though…


hooked the tascam 4-track up to my computer and a microphone to record karaoke to tape at our first annual christmas party tonight! this is a killer party trick.


omg u r a monster i’m so stoked



Fought with i2c cables for longer than I’m willing to admit this morning in order to complete my case :cold_sweat: I also decided I’d had enough of slouching over my system to see screens, so I bought a $10 mini artist’s easel (in metal!) to get a better angle — my neck is already happier after tonight’s session.


How are you getting audio into iPad, and are you bringing it back into the modular?

And what is that pedal?



The thing on the left is a Koma Kommander CV/gate controller, not a pedal.


Got any info on the artist’s easel?


Digitakt + Digitone


Yeah! Picked it up at Michael’s — brand is Artist’s Loft, name is the Compact Table Top Easel. They go for $20, but there was a sale on easels yesterday so I got it 1/2 off :laughing:


I’ve been thinking about something similar for my skiff… I wonder if it would look dumb supporting only 3U


A folding mandolin stand or two can work well to support a 3U or 6U case without adding a lot of height.


I use a folding laptop stand for my 60hp/7U case that I found via @fourhexagons’s YouTube links. the link seems to be broken now, though, and I can’t find one similar anymore, but it’s stable & very compact! maybe other laptop stands are worth considering.

edit: this looks identical to what I have! also frighteningly cheap; I think I paid triple that for mine and thought it was a good deal :stuck_out_tongue: