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Wow. Great deal on eBay. Yeah and I thought that the $11 range was cheap. And yeah, that Amazon link tends to break every month or so and then it comes back as if nothing happened. Weird. Glad you found it on eBay. It’s not the sturdiest stand, but it’s tiny, cheap and does the job by getting mostly out of the way.


& @eblomquist @robbbiecloset @kin.sventa - if you want to start a separate Audulus thread and have questions for us about using it with modular or whatever else, go ahead and we’ll chime in if you have any questions :slight_smile:

This is my rig that I use with Audulus:

I have a couple more/different modules now:


Unfortunately my modular is on hold for a little while, but I’m very happy with the current setup in the meantime.

I’m using this as a stand for the Gaia, and it works pretty well, but I wouldn’t trust it with something much heavier.


Greats pics here ! And here’s one of my last patch !


Update: my Monorocket 6u fits perfectly on one of those stands in my last post.

It’s amazing how much difference a few inches of space and smaller footprint can make.


That’s good to know. I’ve been looking for something with a slight angle to it. I’ve got a 6U Monorocket.


@audulus: Audulus (thread) :revolving_hearts:


Wow really beautiful music in these patch examples! Thank you


Live rig for last Friday’s show.
It was the first time to use Teletype live. I only did one single scene which involved Just Type mostly.


I always wonder if i’m the only one who struggles to squeeze all the ribbon cables beneath the modules in a Frap Tools Plus skiff. Looks very slick, though! Lovely setup … :ok_hand:


no, same problem here…


Just finished all my current Serge builds and my Bug 2Frame. Only one panel of Serge left to come in 2019 to complete my four panel system plan.

(blurry pics, bad photo lighting in my basement studio)


Looks phenomenal! :raised_hands:


this weekend at Chilao campground along the Angeles Crest Highway.



I’m keen to hear the bugbrand system. Anything plannedv


For sure! I have a few things, nothing finished yet. I’ll put some sketches on soundcloud soon.


Audulus goes on the wishlist! Though I prefer to work with outboard gear/pedals, I’m with you on the iPad side of things. Lots of great stuff can be done with Borderlands Granular, Gliderverb and iDensity! They’re integral to my live set-up and fun to integrate w/FX pedals.


This is the new live setup and it’s a dream!! Sooo much fun. Norns running mlr or glut. iPad running samplr @audulus and borderlands


Trying to pack everything in to an old seahorse case. Going to see if I can slide my iPad in there too, and a usb hub. Then, I can just have various controllers in front of me out of the case.
Unfortunately, need to work on actual work… so Just doing little bits at a time.