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messy desk and new tape deck, acquired with the intent to make master tapes and duplicate in the 1 to 1, “high speed” manner.


I’ve got one, the rails are mounted right through the case. I wouldn’t throw it around if you can help it. Good news is that it is small enough to be a carry-on. Its sturdy, you wont hurt the case itself.


Bit of a post jam scenario


@tehn = Hardware is finally finished! So happy how it turned out- everything is battery powered. I added a hardcore laptop battery to drive the norns and speaker for hours and hours. Its so light weight that it can easily be lifted and moved with one hand and packs down super small. I found a tripod which collapses smaller than the normal mic or percussion stand and it can fit in a backpack. The perfect setup for touring Iceland and such! Now waiting for a few small updates and an extra script before starting to compose…


When does that become a laptop?


when apple stops breaking all my apps with their updates!


studies: thought i’d share some potential layouts i was considering for my new live rig before figuring out the stand i made in my previous post. at first i was looking for a good portable table to hold everything which eventually led me to find a small table for each piece on its own. and that evolved and transformed into the tablet holders i used in the final setup. but before that i was going to use one of the configurations here-


Excellent setup.

Any details on the battery and the speaker?


That looks wonderful! May I ask which sort of hardware you use to old the grids and norns’s?


What’s the stand and attachments, I could make use of something like that?


@ether - the speaker is a minirig mini (www.minirigs.co.uk) which will soon get replaced with a standard minirig 3. the battery is a omnicharge omni 20 usb-c 60W. i chose this battery because i wanted both norns to charge at their maximum rate. most other 2 usb port batteries limit the second port to a lower voltage.

@wolfgangschaltung + @rmro search for tablet holders which attach to mic stands. not sure where you are or what there is in your part of the internet but there are usually several options to order, just read the minimum and maximum hold dimensions and pay attention to the type of clamp. norns might even be able to be held by large smart phone cradles. the stand itself is from a percussion accessory table, something to place your extra drumsticks on i believe. it came with a table attachment i’m not using in this setup.


This seems to be the one:


Thanks for that. I’ve had my eye on the minirigs for a while. Are you getting nice volume and bass out of them?

(I’m looking for something portable, rechargeable, stylish and with excellent sound for an iPad + norns setup.)


personally i have found the minirig to be the loudest and highest quality sound of any other option i’ve tried. i’ve used them for years and am constantly searching for anything better. nothing else has arrived yet as far as i can tell. of course they are still really small speakers and just totally fail to be adequate in certain situations. but i’ve performed easily over 650 shows in libraries and other smaller rooms using minirigs these past years and they have been great for me!


yes! there’s a bunch of them with the exact same design under different brand names and at different price points. i guess it just depends on what region you’re in as to which one shows up on your local searches. the design you found here is what i’m using to hold the norns. the cool thing about the different ones i’m using for the grids is that they actually screw down over the edges of the grids to lock them into place.


If weight and price is not a problem, there’s a lot of excellent, quality options here:


And some similar ideas here:



just got home from playing a show with this setup. just wanted to post while i’m still beaming with excitement. i had a real “a ha moment” while making this all work together. norns mlr live sampling samplr and synths out of audulus. octatrack being used as a sequncer / mixer / fx unit as well as slicing and remixing my “written songs”.
basically i found that instead of making every instrument do a million things at once, it’s much better to lean in to their respective strengths in the context of a song. for example on the ipad, i long ago discovered that instead of using five different apps at once it was better to focus on a particular element of a song ( i.e granular stuff, synthesizers, effects etc ) then find the best instrument to perform that one element for that one song. similarly, i recently had this realization with norns. during my perfomance today i switched between mlr, glut and ekombi depending on the song. meanwhile the ipad switched between samplr, audulus and borderlands. the octatrack kept everythig steady while norns and the ipad added life and variety throughout the set, allowing me to perform better by focusing on only a few elements at a time. i’m sure this is all very obvious but if this helps anyone think about their own process at all then, hey, thats awesome. thank for letting me vent. just wanted to share my excitement. norns is such a wonderful instrument for live electronic music.

oh also, the crystals are for more than show and good vibes. i use them to strike the xylophone. :sparkles::space_invader::sparkles:


I’ve been wondering what a 16 speaker portable ambisonic minirig setup would sound like… Wondering if it could pack in a suitcase…


maybe! i haven’t tried anything close to that but did have about 12 collected minirigs on tour in iceland this summer. the first few shows we linked them all up but… its hard to explain but after a certain point it didn’t really seem to matter. in the end we played most shows with just 2 or 3. again, it seems to really depend on what type of space you’re in if they are adequate or not. but your idea to arrange them in a certain configuration, perhaps even just for your own listening, sounds like a good idea! for sure you could easily have 16 minirigs in a suitcase at the least. the new minirig 3 is supposed to connect wirelessly to multiple units, i’m very curious about that.


Follow up, did you use the subwoofer at all or just the smaller ones on tour?