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Follow up, did you use the subwoofer at all or just the smaller ones on tour?


we had 2 subwoofers, ended up not using them for many shows in the end. i tend to use my subwoofer only while i’m at home and even then i usually have a larger speaker system i plug into anyway instead of using the minirig system (since i’m home and can have things there that aren’t as portable).


Some quality hacking time waiting to fly for some quality family time


Thank you! I appreciate images of your system and all of the information.


My Mackie MR525 monitors aren’t pictured here.


Yeah, this thought started as I often need to set up an 8-channel system temporarily. Currently that’s with a bunch of KRKs and stands, so it takes a great deal of effort to move and arrange.

What they are calling wireless stereo? That’s useful.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to send multiple bluetooth audio streams from one computer? I’d imagined having to use a soundcard with multiple outs and running cables, but being able to send wirelessly to them all would be very cool.


A couple new additions (Rolzer, Deerhorn) inspired me to reorganize my instrument storage area. Thankfully nothing got “retired” from the immediately accessible area, and I made better space and use of things.

Might 3d-print some little stands to keep things facing forward a bit, just to be OCD about things…


Hello world! (running nvim, TidalCycles and sclang in one tmux window makes me feel like I’m hacking into the musical mainframe :joy:)


My current state of disarray while I finish assembling this thing.


My pals.


i am terrified of the coffee placement in that first pic (but still gorgeous!)


Ha I thought someone would say something :slight_smile: . It’s nice because I can slide that keyboard tray closed when I have tea out which is a rule I have (except when I take a photo apparently!).


pretty OT, but on macOS you can mirror audio to multiple BT devices by creating a “Multi-Output” aggregate device in Audio MIDI Setup. i haven’t tried sending separate streams with a multi-channel aggregate but i’d guess it would work.


i’m using Airfoil for that purpose (sending audio to multiple remote speakers). Flexible and neat solution …
edit: it has some lag though, not sure how well it works in live situations.


Just finished my little holiday project: A 60HP case. Over the time I found myself preferring smaller setups and my DIY cases became smaller each year: I went from 12U/104HP to 6U/90HP to 3U/104HP and now 3U/60HP. I still keep about 6U of modules and assemble instruments from them in my smaller cases that I like to accompany with other gear like Bastl Thyme, OP-1, or Norns.


which modules? i have a 3u/61hp and similar feeling, though my current preference is 3u/104hp


This is the current setup, mainly for processing external signals:


Still waiting on my last couple of parts but otherwise my syncussion build is done. Looking forward to exploring!



Is that separate audio streams to individual bluetooth speakers?


Day 1