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Day 2


Bring it on, 2019!


Good luck with this one. It’s not a difficult build but that control board is a tedious job. I still haven’t finished mine but almost there. What are your plans for the enclosure?


That looks to be all through-hole, yeah? Tempting.


two smc chips, provided directly by Soma, not too difficult to solder. Everything else is trough-hole and kind of old-school. Board is high quality and not dense at all.


Thanks. For me it’s a challenge as I’m rather novice with my soldering skills. This one will have temporary enclosure for figuring out the hacks. Based on this it will end up in eurorack case or part of banana modular setup.


This is not in line with my no new gear 2019 policy :slight_smile: but still tempting! Good luck with it.


I notice what looks to be a ney flute in your photo, along with some Eurorack stuff.

Are you doing any microtonal tuning with the modular?

I’m learning oud and would love to know if/how folks are doing microtones on modular…



Today jamming with a Grendel Drone Commander pedal and a monotribe recorded straight to cassette into the Sony WM-D6C.
[EDIT] Later I added a TB03 for more hands on fun.


I’m intrigued by the Squier Bass VI. I mean, Robert Smith! So, what do you think? Any big drawbacks?


This is one of my favorite photos in this whole thread, hehe.


It’s shaping up to be an exciting approach to rhythm, sequencing and samples! Quick to describe patterns I understand and quick to turn them into things I couldn’t think up


this looks like a lot of fun. going for something similar myself to pair with norns.


LOVE this little set up!




Great! I’d love a case about that size with an Intellijel row in the middle. Where’d you get it?

Edit: nevermind, I’m old and don’t know how to use Instagram. I see it now.


An early birthday present from @Dan_Derks. My first module from @pichenettes and @TomWhitwell, and a wonderful addition to the black and gold touch control skiff I’ve put together over the past few months.


^ Current setup - trying to balance my pining over gear by making standalone noise boxes.

For the 84hp case the dream is to build up something resembling a serge animal using euro equivalents. On the fence about whether the rest should be filled by modules from intellijel or mannequins. Into how generic and non-prescriptive the intellijel stuff seems to be but am also simultaneously into the mystery and exploratory nature of mannequins / make noise gear. :man_shrugging:


what’s a computer?*

*set up may be bigger/heavier and objectively less useful than traditional computer

didn’t get much of a chance to actually work on it over break but i am really happy with the gopro case i repurposed for norns/ipad.


Hotel room jams.

Happy New Year :hugs: :heart: