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Hey eblomquist :slight_smile: Yes, I use Disting Mk4 it’s programmable quantizer for microtones. It works like a charm.


Always joyful. I’ve been tinkering with solo OT ideas in preparation for some compact touring this year (hopefully) and hopefully recording projects. Nothing is really sequenced (no patterns), so I try to play it like another instrument. The holiday break is never as productive as I want it to be, but I’m still getting good work done. On headphones a lot more now that my wife is working nights.


The other corner of the studio…


i love this! i have to admit seeing someone with such a refined aesthetic have a messy studio (or part of one) gives me great comfort. as silly as it may seem i struggle with the reality of how keeping ones studio minimal and neat is really hard to do if you want everything plugged in and ready to go all the time :slight_smile:


have had a bit of love and hate relationship with this one…


Ha ha! Yes: the struggle is real. Things come in waves for me. When I am in the midst of a bigger project, studio gets messy in a hurry. Some people say they thrive in that, I am not sure if I do. More likely is the fact that my attention gets so narrow/focused that I stop noticing things piling up around. Then, as waves go: I go through a phase of deep cleaning and organization, because it feels sooo good to walk into a spacious and freshly cleaned up studio! Only to be de-organized again.
That said: just this summer, for the first time in my life, I have moved into a proper art studio space. Not in my home: a place I have to go to with intention and the sole purpose of art making. Which led to separating (in a way) of the sound work, which still happens in a space at home, and all the other art practice, which is now shifting to the other space… and that space is very neat, and very beautiful!:


20 characters of lovely!



Last year I built some wooden ends for my Make Noise skiff, one of which housed my power module so that it no longer took up any rack space (photos somewhere earlier in this thread if interested!). Continuing the theme I’ve just finished putting together a new side panel for the opposite end that houses the RCA outputs from the MTM Spring Reverb along with a switch to choose between the external spring tank and the small reverb brick on the module itself.

Happy with how it turned out and absolutely love the sound of the spring reverb - would fully recommend it as a DIY kit!


haha the times I’ve been like ‘i’ll just use a super portable setup with a couple of gameboys’ and ended up bringing twice as many+heavy power supplies, mixers, controllers, cables etc than my usual pedal-based setup


After the downsize, I’m left with this nice live coding setup.



My personal mayhem corner of the room. MAX/MSP and Ableton are the mainstays…


“Working from home” today so I set up my case on two chairs in my office.

Really wonderful patch! I went out drinking for about three hours and when I came back the patch was still solid! :thinking:


Rad. If you have a moment, would you expound on the relationship between the Plumbutter and Rolzer? I’ve always imagined the Rolzer as a kind of arcane master beat programmer for Plumbutter but have no proof.


Still early days with it, and haven’t spent too much time with them together, but I did love the oldschool Rolz5 approach to patching up funky rhythms.

I do wish that it was metal rods instead of bananas so you could dynamically wiggle/repatch it. I did buy a bunch of pomona jacks with screws on the other side, so I might try that.


Oh. Electret just won the sexiest skiff award.

Tonight I added AML’s tiny headphone out module to my rack and made sequencerless rhythmic patches just for my ears.

3 buttons.
9 switches.
76 knobs.
153 patch points. … but only two ears.


you can always get more ears. they’re just 4hp.

sorry. had to.


Super excited about this new USB cable that arrived today!


I could use that, do you have a link / reference ?


Sure, you can get them here.

This one is 4”, 550 collision course, no tech flex, and white heatshrink. I got a couple others, and I will say the black heatshrink on the ends looks the cleanest. They all look well done though! Also the turnaround time quoted was two weeks which they did.