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Just received the case to house my diy 200 series builds. Very excited to integrate this all into my setup and record some sounds! :slight_smile:


this looks really great!


thanks! it’s one of these cases. mine is like the one at the very bottom, the old style case (i think mine originated in the 40’s?). Luther does a really great job with them and i’m absurdly happy with it :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I’ve never been interested in Buchla per se, despite my modular affinity, but if I would have seen these I think this might not have been the case. Those cases are really nice, and the retro design is super appealing!


these look great. Your building skills seem to be not too shabby either :ok_hand:


DIY .wav recorder (ft. Bela)


I’m still really intrigued by Rolzer. I had a Rolz5 and sold it to fund a PB it felt limited as a standalone instrument but now I have Coco & Sid too and wish I still had it. Rolzer is quite a hit in terms of cash but would love to hear any examples of audio.


I haven’t done any comparisons yet between the “sound” of the Rolzer pulses vs the stock PB ones, but I did a bit of recording the other dan and can link the mp3 here (later today).

One thing that is definitely different is that you don’t have the knob or CV control over the speed of the rolz, which is different from the PB. So it’s more about assemblies vs massages.


Some playing with my Rolzer and Plumbutter.

I go in and out of different sections. The onboard PB Rolz are only being used to trigger the Gong and to do some CV modulation of parameters. The rest of the rhythms (primarily the ultrasound rhythms, snare, and avdogs) are all being driven by the Rolzer.


Little hip-hop instrument. After several re-organizations, expansions, and consolidations I think I’m going to settle into this for a while (don’t I always say that?).


Thanks for posting, has that Rolz5 ‘geometric’ machine like feeling if that makes any sense, PB feels all curves and fluid to my ears. :+1:


Do I spy not one but a pair of Nagras in that heap? If so that makes me a little sad to see them buried like that =[ (not being serious)


Yes. They are patiently awaiting some TLC!

I rescued both of these units from an actual trash pile (seriously). They both work, but definitely could use some work. I just did not get around to doing it yet. I need to get a proper power supply for them and after a brief search found that they are not cheap, so that pout a damper on the process too.

Anybody has a spare Nagra power supply they are willing to let go of?


I bought mine here:



Right: that is the place I looked. Just did not have that cash on hand.


building one yourself shouldn’t be too difficult, I’m about to build one myself for my nagra 3.

afair, all you need is a 12-24 v dc supply with a tuchel connector.


That’s alotta mouths to feed! :smiley:


Let us know how that goes, I’ll also need to make or source one in the next six months or so.


I’ll report back with AT LEAST 20 characters of experience…


this makes me think we need to do a custom grid with a usb port out of the top left, like the old original 128… uhm.