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Distractions today while I work from home:


That particular cable maker doesn’t offer it, but I wonder if they make right angle mini usb connectors. RME has a pretty cool usb b for their babyface pro:


My new case for the main system arrived. Gotta love Grau Modular.


They do. I have a variety, left, right, up, down. Watch out though, they’re all called “right angle” and you need to carefully check WHICH angle…


the joys of a symmetry-breaking connector :upside_down_face:


What’s hiding under the 1U panel with the watermelons?


A Quantum Rainbow 2 :slight_smile:


Is that like 20hp you allotted for it there?


I think it’s 21hp, actually.


Gheez that first picture had me drooling. Is it a complete instrument to you? It looks like it would be so much fun!


Thanks so much @stripes, just picked this up from the post office this morning :slight_smile: Getting closer to my ideal tactile, playable system. I also now have 2 × Maths :heart:


Not sure what you are using for a sequencer but push paired with this is amazing!


i assume you mean the top one - it is! insanely powerful. it’s a slightly different set up now - i moved er-301 to a bigger case and added a telexo used as a sound source and more modules for sound shaping (including roland 521 filter which is great with just friends as it has 2 3 channel mixers, great for mixing individual outs, although i find the useful range on the faders to be a bit too small)


Started re/dearranging things to use some of my old rack mount gear and have everything set up for playing & recording without too much messing about plugging stuff in every time


You beat me to buying the Brains / Pressure Points combo from Emily. Oh well. Listening to Undulations right now, so at least I know they’ll be put to good use.


I was surprised that the bargain priced PP + Brains and Maths weren’t snatched up sooner! Haven’t been able to put them in my case yet as it’s patched up for a performance next week :tired_face:

Thanks for listening :heart:


Just picked up a Mangrove and have finally been taking the time to learn how to use my Grid + Ansible that I’ve had for a few months but been too intimidated / overwhelmed to dive into - what a beautiful surprise to find how easy/fun/intuitive it is to use, and how many lovely sounds there are to be found in the Mangrove :slight_smile:



Shared a table yesterday with a friend while playing a gig. His modular definitely stole a spotlight from my A4 and laptop with Ableton :smiley:


started this eurorack journey in earnest 365 days ago! here’s my lil rack today (top) vs 1/13/2018. i guess you could say i got llllllll’d pretty hard in the last year :ok_hand:

thanks so much to everyone here who made the last year the most musically interesting of my life. i may not find time to play every day, but every time i sit down i find a totally new sonic place to explore. can’t wait to see what the next year holds!