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This weekends patch. Only using 2 of the 4 voices. Also first patch with the new Rene, which has replaced my trusty dusty Klee for the moment…


Testing a new addition to my altered readymades utility box. £4 PWM frequency generator from banggood


NAGRA! +twenty nagra


Allmost there :slight_smile:


I found that “almost there” usually is as close to “there” as you can get. Once you’re actually “there”, “there” tends to move somewhere else completely :smiley:

But that certainly looks like a nice place to be.


That’s very true. I declared my modular to be at “version 1.0” about two years after I got into Eurorack, after several “I’m almost there” posts. And then a couple of weeks later, I was already moving to 1.05…

Now 5 months after that, I have an ER-301 pre-purchased and am trying to figure out what 2.0 looks like :laughing: I’m thinking of downsizing, because I don’t think I need 13 VCOs + two Rings + an ER-301 + Microbrute + drone toys + software for the minimalist sort of music that I make.


cough 20 characters splutter


Could be worse… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q45FHZLVz2U :smiley:


I would really have enought with this :slight_smile:


To be fair, I don’t mean 13 modules – I’m counting E370 as four, Hertz Donut + Kermit + Double Helix as two each, and Plaits, Tides and Warps. This is in 9U 84HP + 6U 104HP.

The E370 was sent to me by Paul Schreiber for beta testing, because he appreciated my efforts testing the E352. I thought it was overkill for me, but was I going to say no? :slight_smile:

My current thinking for downsizing is I’ll have the ER-301, E370, and 2x Rings for sound sources and keep Tides for modulation duties; I might hang onto Plaits too. And I’ll do a bit of consolidation among my other modules as well to tidy it all up.


Oh, listing them makes it seem much more sensible. Besides, many of those aren’t traditional VCOs. I was imagining something like:


That wouldn’t be my style, but it would be fun to play with for a bit. I’d probably make one ridiculous massive drone with it. :laughing:


Cross-modulate all the things…



Rough and ready voltage source knob so I can DC offset bipolar CV signals to correctly control polar modules. Tried to make a scale & offset module from scratch but hit some gumption traps, for now this - thru an attenuator and mixed with the CV - does the job


Thanks for the panels @okyeron!



beautiful!! do you use any of the midi sequencing software for it?


They are great machines.

Indeed, I use Cubase on it which is my main and preferred computer sequencer and have played about with DrT’s KCS which is pretty good as well with an excellent interface.


6 artists (myself and @slopstream included) setting up for a show in Copenhagen :slight_smile:
Was a blast playing and seeing so many different approaches.