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Hmmm not really, especially as it wouldn’t end up costing much less (maybe even slightly more) than official arcs, for what is an objectively worse product (hand soldered vs machine soldered.) I might consider making sets of wooden arc knobs for people, but even that would be surprisingly expensive because they’re a pain and I don’t really like making them, hence the “no more wooden knobs” rule :wink:


Norns / ER-301 micro system
16n is controlling both the 301 and MLR


This picture makes me so excited for my 16n!


A friend who has moved out of Porto (and is an amazing sculptor/smith) has left some of his instruments with me for the time being.

The big stainless gong in particular is epic sounding.

The octopus looking one is meant to mount onto a tree stump so you get the resonance of the tree as well.

It’s crazy how different they all sound too. (If I’m not mistaken there’s stainless steel, B20, B8, and nickel silver in this picture)


First time I’ve remembered to take a photo of my set up at a show in… forever…


DIY box operational :slight_smile: not the greatest piece of carpentry but whatever


Do you find it handy having the cold mac next to maths? U assume you’re sending cv from maths to coldmac to control audio also fed into mac?


I actually didn’t consider that when putting my modules in the case! I knew I did not want to have an order that implied a signal flow (e.g. Mangrove is as far away as possible from my sequencers), and I wanted to break up my largest modules, Teletype, Maths and Just Friends, with smaller ones.

The patch I’ve been slowly developing this month so far uses Maths as an offset, an attenuverter and a very slow, subtle LFO. the LFO is sent to Cold Mac’s survey.


That’s a cool way to provide creative thinking for sure, thanks for your reply. That certainly gives me food for thought on how to look at patching, I have to admit I fell in the trap of thinking/looking at a modular case plan as the same flow as when I to used a synth keyboard.


Klingon war gong on the right there? :slight_smile:


Hehe, yeah he makes some funky gongs and such:



Sounds great too. It’s supposed to be amazing bowed, though my bows are elsewhere at the moment.


I was at a press conference for work earlier and saw this. Found it to be particularly sexy…


lunar new year studio re-configurations…


Even shoddier 2nd rack because I had some spare rails


goodbye mixer, hello MOTU (behind the Korg)


Would that be skolanpiano then? I’d be interested to find one of these in Skåne. We got cheated out of a pristine Yamaha piano a few months back (long story), and I’ve been meaning to buy one as a gift for my lady. This seems perfect and easy to accommodate in an apartment.


Or skolpiano. I thought the correct name for these were kantorpiano, but I don’t know…


How does the MOTU seem so far - and are you planning to do all your mixing in the box now? I’m on the lookout for more audio inputs because I keep accidentally ruining my two track recordings in a way that would be easily fixed if I recorded things separately.


Which MOTU did you get?

I’m still happy with my Ultralite Mk3 hybrid…


Sometimes I think I’m more into trying to make the perfect little room for me and my stuff than to make music with it. But this little cute tilted shelf might help me get there eventually.