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I’ve seen these headphones in a few photos, can I ask what they are?


currently packing things up for a major relocation. Have a nice big system waiting for me in storage on the other side but this is what I mainly have been working with during my excursions through other parts of this planet. Plus some undisclosed pedals and stuff…


I’m of the opinion that a modular system on a piano is pretty much perfection.



The visuals are by Ether Wave Light Show (https://www.facebook.com/etherwaveprojections/), who primarily do old-school projection work—liquid light shows and the like. On this evening, it seemed like a combination of liquid light show and some VHS camera feedback, maybe combined with some other analog equipment. It was pretty neat.

(And no knock against anime—I’m a fan of quite a few anime films—but I was a little bummed about the anime displayed on the projection wall. Some other show had been scheduled previously to ours.)

I haven’t worked with Ether Wave before. They were doing the visuals for every performer at the event, and I didn’t get a chance to chat. They are among the folks who regularly do visuals at a local venue here in Austin called the Electric Church.


It’s a windows 10 machine. Pretty bare bones, right now I’m only using it to run Ableton and Overbridge.


Thanks. You doing an touch-screen work with it?


They are inexpensive Jabra Move headphones. Despite that cord, they are (also) Bluetooth.


Thanks, I like the shape and could do with some headphones, maybe I’ll give them a try. :ear:t2:


Yeah, they work pretty well. I’d never had a pair of Bluetooth headphones, so when Wirecutter gave them a thumb’s up and they were on sale, I picked up a pair.


Thank you so much for all the information, I will look them up for sure!


Getting things set up in my new place.


Love the 2001 poster!!!


Writing loops for intermittent ambience between minimalist percussive sequences for a festival performance this weekend.

Seed pods are from an Australian native plant, the illawarra flame tree.


Got a Fostex X-55 (to replace my dead Yamaha MT120), and I want to try it with my two “side” machines (my main rig is 9U of Eurorack). They sure look pretty together. :sunglasses:


Side effects of myself working on new patches for my system:


I should actually patch this patch instead of drawing it…


On the contrary, animate it :slight_smile:


Did I just bought a rich man’s VL-1?


Been starting up my first modular/op-z/digitakt experiments while in the process of filling out this 104hp skiff.


Made a little case for performing at Genova Modulare next Saturday. And, yes, I’m in love with the Falistri. It doubles as an awesome dual oscillator (you can even change the shape without affecting frequency, and it tracks five octaves), and it can be a complete voice too!