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Can’t wait to get my Norns and add my small collection to the party. Norns, OP-1, APC20, and Modal Skulpt.





That’s quite an update! Remember to lift from the knees! :grimacing:


Ah well, the piano was the former setup update… This update is a tuned piano and a new case (and some other gems).


Oh wow. I love the half-sized version of arc. Has that ever been officially available tho?


That is the Arc 2 made by monome.


yep, these are all monome 2012 editions


A picture I took during Renick Bell’s set on saturday night in Pittsburgh:


Just getting back into my favorite pastime, hobby, ambition… Music, sounds, ambiance, digital, analogue, instruments and controller interfaces.

I’ve recently aquired the Roli Seaboard and Lightpad Blocks in the Songmaker Kit, and added the Live and Touch controllers and an additional Lightpad. These controllers are amazing. And last added the TE OP-Z. I have to admit I was a little afraid of this small machine, reading the tall order of business it claims to be capable of. After a few days of using it though, I’m pleasantly comfortable with it and am not as overwhelmed as I thought I would be using it!
One of my four daughters is a pro at using it already!



Cool, I have only ever seen the 4-dial version, which I would want to add to my setup at one point. The half-sized version, however, would be an even better fit…



Looking like a happy idiot at work with my new case that just arrived.



Something looks familiar.


beautiful setup @Jerome, looks focused and really inspiring, and you demonstrate this really well on your youtube channel (subscribed in the hope for more :slight_smile: )


From an earlier post you mean? Yes, this demands a high resolution picture and some zooming to spot the differences I guess :blush:


Thank you so much ! I like to keep it simple and work within limits.
I’ll post some new vids soon I hope.
Here is the link to my album done with the Music Easel and the 0 Coast. Mostly live takes with some Clouds processings in post prod.
Thanks for listening and watching.


Nah, I sold it to you :smile:


20 characters of me not being smart :exploding_head::woozy_face: