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all one needs, right?


You don’t even need the headphone out, actually


Which headphone out is this btw?


I know next to nothing about either module but I feel like w/ would be fun instead? :slight_smile:


unfortunately, w/ is way too deep for the 4ms pods


one of the many things i don’t know :slight_smile: thanks for the info.


Just another reason to support the good folks at Modular Grid who maintain a wonderful database of module info including depth.


Its ALM hpo faceplate turned because the holes of the pod don’t match otherwise on that end. I like this better than the printed side.


Cool. Thx. Is it sounding good? Did you see which IC (headphone amp) is used while turning the panel?


I think it’s a 4558 but I may be wrong.


Ah ok. Same as in the befaco Output of which I heard that they are noisey…


Like I said, that’s vaguely what I can see from the image. Might not be accurate, I’d prefer a mk1 eyeball confirmation. Jellybean opamps - TL074s, 4558s, 5532s - are all kinda in the same ballpark for noise, so don’t necessarily let that put you off…


nice. how are you using it?


I finally got my PSS-30 working again. This thing is hilarious. Tiny keys, four volume levels, two voice polyphony, mysterious “POPS” rhythm. The “BANJO” setting is a constantly repeating, octave lower version of HARPSI-CHORD. “ELECTRIC GUITAR” has infinite sustain and vibrato for some reason. The temperament is wild, something like 12-TET of course, but with really horrible 3rds and nice 5ths, and not consistent everywhere. When no notes are playing, the speaker plays very quiet digital noise, which changes when you change instruments or hold down the “volume up” button. The PCB has a single DIP Yamaha IC and like five other components. I love it.


it’s 4580. havent really had the change yet to use it long term, only quick testing and i haven’t find it noisy at least yet… suits the purpose (only for testing and learning modules, not recording etc)…


just got it so not sure. first i want to just dig deeper into er-301, learn it properly. i do have a bigger set up and this is just a nice portable travel companion.


great, have a ton of fun!


that was my first synth !


My Serge system is now complete… (maybe, i might cave for a tkb at some point)


Five minutes outta the box, two quick proofs of concept — first as a VCA via the ADDAC mixer on my Eurorack (via an offset, the WMD S.P.O.), and then put to various uses on VCV Rack. Many thanks to @okyeron for the build.

Now I need to upgrade my ER-301, and hook up my TXb.