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Guys, pictures!

p i c t u r e s …




More of the other gear


firmware testing setup


time vacuum


Guitar and ukelele processing




Crazy there’s only one photo above without a modular setup! Really curious how long y’all have been in the Eurorack world?


got into modular… and stopped making music around 2012. :joy:


lol… I’m not in the eurorack world… yet. My previous photo was of a microbrute. But I did buy the microbrute over the minibrute in part because I want the option to buy one or two modules in the future and not have to invest ridiculous amounts of money in generic adsr and lfo modules straight away.

Cases and cases full of modular gear doesn’t appeal that much to me, but small well curated systems with a purpose are amazing. There are a few modules that just sound like nothing else as well. I love the sound of the STO, and the audio damage modules, and the new Dave Smith Instruments filter… So I can see myself starting with 1 or 2 of those modules soon :blush:

Anyway this is a pictures thread, right?!



I bought my first modules in 2011, I think. And prior to that owned a Nord modular.


Exactly @Simeon !
Less talking, more pictures! :+1:t2::smiley::eyes:


switched from working completely ITB to modular about 3 and half years ago - funny enough, it was modular that let me combine music and coding for the first time.

these two are from last fall, everything’s been rearranged again since then…


[quote=“scanner_darkly, post:35, topic:462, full:true”]
funny enough, it was modular that let me combine music and coding for the first time.[/quote]

I had a similar experience in that I had tried to lean Max/PD, but it never really stuck until I got into modular and then the aleph. Now I’m relearning it at it feels quite natural.


some of those in use


these setups…… :no_mouth:


@analogue01 - your photos are beautiful and your minimalist work space inspirational.

@scanner_darkly - your setup looks like hell on earth to me, but I love that - every piece of your hive has been aquired with YOUR purpose in mind, and only YOU will get it’s full potential.





No offense, but there are an awful lot of photos of modulars with no patch cables in sight. Can we get some photos of absolute spaghetti rat’s nest patches?