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Woke up, looked over at bookshelf, grabbed camera.

Uturn Audio Orbit Plus Turntable, TC-750LC Phono Preamp, Chase Bliss Gravitas Tremolo Pedal (not sure why it’s there, but looks cool)


Since I had find the way to de-reverb the drums with Ableton, I have so much fun!!!


How is this not an album cover yet?


How do you mean “dereverb” I am interested in this idea, I’ve thought about it for a while now…


Look “Transient Machines” m4l patch at the ableton website.It makes miracles on the drums!


Got to play with these today. Really different and weird.


Got the same phono preamp but the version with mc cartidrige too.
Lovely sound.
How do you find it?


Don’t recognise those what are they?


Aelita and Polivoks !
Great russian synthesizers.
I don’t see them very often around here (I’m in France), especially the Aelita !


Yep :slight_smile: these particular ones were here in Canada. The owner has some connections in Eastern Europe… I was actually quite surprised how totally different they sounded from other subtractive analoge I’ve heard in the past. I was expecting some noise or something, but their sonic character is basically completely foreign compared to other mono synths I’ve used.



Hey, some minds think alike, this is my digital resonator (diy rings)


So glad to say I’ve got a Teletype now!!! I’m absolutely enamored with it, and can’t believe how much it has to offer. Hopefully I’ll do some recordings with it soon! Also just got that Pulp Logic 1U Spring Reverb. Although technologically it’s almost the polar opposite of the Teletype, but I can say that they’ve both changed the way I work with my modular.


Wild Card - electronics trio w/ Paul Dickow (Strategy) + Bill Selman (Warmdesk)


I hope you’re making recordings! :smile:


Packaging tapes for our label launch this weekend.

Packed tapes!


What tinyfacture looks like:




So very nearly done.


!!! Where do I get more info/buy these? I’d love to get some to go along with my Pulp Logic 1U stuff


“soon” / will pm in 20 characters.


Did you build this case?

It is astonishingly beautiful.