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I built this travel case out of an old aluminum zero carry-on. Shock mounted frame by Pulplogic. 8.9lbs with lid. I fitted the piano hinge with removable pins.

Thoughts on Intellijel 7U case? Cases in general?
Backpack Recommendations

7U has a posse! (my own 7U case arrived this week. I have to go down the intelli power route, which will take a while to sort out, and find space for it at home, but it’s the loveliest format, imho)


Also 7U… :slight_smile:
Not handmade (I lack skills and time), but Intellijel.


From my performance last night


Fortunate for kitty…Brian said he can fix this Arc4 that Koishi unceremoniously knocked off my desk. Bad Kitty!


“We know the world isn’t flat because if it was cats would have pushed everything off the edge of it by now”


Was reminded by one of @mobbs posts that I had an arcade button left over from a controller project, knocking about in a drawer somewhere. Hunted it out, and I now have an arcade button in my skiff:



thanks! no, i did not make it. some very nice classical guitar luthiers in Italy made it for me. Black Poplar w/ handmade leather accoutrements. :slight_smile:


looks dope dope dope x 20 etc


Really fun and fruitful jam session. Here is a link to the jam



Headed west for more camping (and field recording!) in a couple weeks. I got a second hydrophone and contact mic from Jez for stereo explorations too.


I love my contact mics from him. I see you have the coil tap mics too. What are the other microphones that you have in the photo?


Below the EM/coil mic/whatever is just some crummy lavalier mic pair that I inherited from a friend. I take it just in case everything else breaks down. On either side are Naiant x-x omni mics that Jez suggested. I’ve been quite happy with them for the price :slight_smile:



I can vouch for the Naiant stuff. I have probably like 4 or 5 of those X-X omnis at this point. I use them for these kind of performances:

And they literally get worn down over time.
For the money, they are hard to beat, especially if you are ordering from the US.


Great vids. Shame these guys no longer ship to the UK or I would have grabbed one!


Yeah I saw that. Thankfully I have a solid supply of them at the moment.

I’m going to order one of these soon:

To use in similarly careless ways (based off a KMI interview with clipping):

(as an apology for turning this into a video thread, accept a photo of where art used to be:)


New mobile setup. Gets the job done.


!!! I have two of the red12 and i LOVE them. they are my go to heart mics on drums. my dear friend joel hamilton turned me on to them years ago, and i can’t get enough. i also have the blue12, and really want the rest of collection. so many hearts!