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Very happy with my new little krk speakers and mackie mixer. I moved into a smaller space so had to downsize.


Love those Mutable panels!


Finally got myself a monome family :slight_smile:




A new project: “3600 cuts” premiering today at The Southern Theater in Minneapolis!


holy fuck! it looks beyond incredible!!! hope you get some sharable video one day!!!


Welcoming back my good old friend, the ES Disting. I had a mk2 version for a while, one of my first eurorack purchases, but it broke and I never got it fixed. Finally went ahead and invested in the mk3 and couldn’t be happier to have it back!
Currently doing a lot of experiments with the ARDcore in a VCLFO sketch as a way to trigger various elements in the Teletype (it has trigger out for the rise and fall section of the LFO), and the Teletype then interacting with the Disting and Make Noise Function working as oscillators that modulate eachother. It’s pretty insane and open ended, which is why I like it :slight_smile:


drooling over that SV1 :thumbsup: I assume you love it?


I do love the SV1. The best key bed I’ve used and the sounds are amazing!


lcrp kit :slightly_smiling_face:


My instruments for this gig, packed up…

…and ready to go:

I use a fixed patch on the 200e, takes about 40 min to set it up and 40 min to tear it down (yes, I do already use notes for this), as the thing can’t be folded patched. Plus the time to set up the rest of the gear. Always get raised eyebrows when I tell folks I use a modular synthesizer with a fixed patch…






I recently purchased a custom guitar from Lewis Waters of New Complexity. The instrument is still on its way from Australia to Texas, but he sent me some photos. The guitar is a custom version of the Harmonic Master, “a guitar with an extended bridge that adds an independently tuned harmonic overlay to your music.”


Wow, that looks cool. Love the behind the bridge pickup.

Is that 9 strings? What’s the configuration?


Yeah, that’s 9 strings. The lower register consists of six strings in three courses. Then the three higher strings are like a normal guitar. The maker told me that the strings are spaced so that one can remove the doubled courses, and it’ll play just like a 6-string.

The output jacks are configured so that one can isolate the harmonic section, the normal section, or combine the two.