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That’s actually insane but I want one now. How much do they go for? Looks like a piece of art just as much as it is an instrument!


It wasn’t cheap. I think the standard version goes for about $2400 USD.


From a residency (for a gig on Saturday) in Montreal with @tremblap.


Don’t often seen people’s “virtual setups”, but my screen/setup for the above project.


Study time


Do those fudgee cookies put out cv… Cookie voltage?


Lol, you’d have to ask @tremblap, but gauging by his hyperness after eating them… it’s definitely a 0-10v (rather than -0.5/+0.5 thing)!


Peter B. is taking over my house


Amazing. Do you usually use them all together? I have a Rollz5 and a Cocolase, and just got a Plumbutter 2 this week. Still so much to explore and I’ve barely connected them to each other, let alone really explored connecting them to my modular.


No, I often just make pairs and do studies that way. All at once would be too much for my brain to process and I like my music more minimal anyway!

PB2+rollz5+coco sounds like a great ensemble! Whats the difference between the cocolase and cocoquantus?


true. Even one of them is a lot to wrap your head around. :slight_smile:

The Cocolase is an older circuit. It’s slightly more lo-fi, had longer delay/sample time, and has 8 sidrassi oscillators at the centre.


teletype/telex controlled 4 voice.
sequenced by white whale / orca / ansible, 4 TXo provide 16 coordinated control voltages.


My setup for a show tonight. This was during my rehearsal earlier this afternoon.


looks awesome! how is the frap tools mixer setup? also – i’ve seen that 3.5mm to banana box in photos but can’t find out where it comes from. are those available to buy anywhere?


The 3.5" to banana boxes (and others) can be bought from Low-Gain Electronics here: http://www.lowgain-audio.com/
There’s also a couple of dealers that carry their products.


I love the Frap Tools mixer. And it’s expandable if I need more channels. Sounds great, super flexible, and lots of CV control.

As @myecholalia mentioned, the format jumbler box is from Low-Gain.


here’s my vacation setup from last week:


My new shamisen arrived from Japan today. The nicest instrument I’ve ever played. The photos really can’t do the craftsmanship justice.


I adore those neck-joints. I saw them on a picture of another friend’s shamisen, but those are gorgeous.


Yeah, I should have taken some photos with the protective ends removed because they really are a work of art. Once it all comes together it’s hard to tell it was ever 3 pieces.