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Run jack upgrade…


Beautiful and interesting setup, would love to hear some recordings.


thank you! i posted a couple on my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scanner_darkly_




(Damn, it seems you’ve got all the stuff I’m planning to buy when I’m rich!)


finally updated isms case (big thanks to @kisielk for help with soldering i2c/ftdi headers!).

this company should have good synergy - er-301, shuttle control (used with nanokontrol),
meadowphysics, earthsea, teletype, telex txi, just friends, three sisters and erbe-verb:


I think I may have finished my cupboard, noodling station.

Just waiting on a couple of cables and it is ready for immediate playing, no faffing about trying to plug everything in and loosing the motivation.


A big missing piece of my setup arrived in the post this week and was waiting for me when I got home from a trip.


Speaking of things arriving in the post…

Was lucky to grab one of the reissues before they sold out.

(thanks to @Angela for the photo tease via messenger!)

Bonus pic of the return address on the box:


My recently finished 6U/90HP DIY case. Very happy with how it turned out.


i need to get some longer cables now…


Current state of the new case, as it was at Brighton Modular. (Black are retail products of mine, Purple Means Proto).


pool show at the end of the earth


reduced set for experimentation and practice


Gotta love concrete floors.


sick speaker!!! i had one but returned it recently :frowning:


Finally got around to finishing the desk and some speaker stands for new digs in Philadelphia.


Short time lurker, first time poster:

Just finished a 96-point long frame patch bay for the home studio. I can now confidently say I can solder. More to come…


Strong work. Soldering up those patch bays is no joke.

I have two old 1U bays out of a fancy old Harrison or Neve or something, with fancy oxygen-free copper wire leads still intact. I meant to do a big studio installation for myself…and never did.

Wanna buy more? :grin:


Possibly, I’ll PM you. They do save a ton of money in cabling/connectors and all the normalling options.

I’m a glutton for punishment apparently, haha.