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My small studio setup at my cabin in Bohuslän Sweden. Missing my monome 64.


That photo is framed just perfectly!



beautiful …


Had to look closer to make sure it wasn’t a painting. Well done!


I the white box a controller or sound module?


Can do a bit of both…but in that arrangment? sound/fx module


I am always on a lookout for sound fx for my non-modular setup. Is it possible to share the brand?


That’s a monome aleph.


Out of production, but there’s a diy build slowly happening for the dedicated.

They occasionally come up for sale around here too.


Thank you. I will look it up and figure out if it fits my setup.


a couple of pics from the synth meet
lots of questions about the grids. and was cool to meet @markeats!


Yeah great to meet you! Look forward to seeing more of the teletype stuff and hopefully catch you around!


definitely! would love to grab a drink and chat about sequencers some time.


tapes from national audio company came in today! felt like getting a White Castle Crave Case for the first time. i will pace myself on this one, though.


Decided to go back to 3U because I couldn’t think of how I wanted to fill out 6U, the endless GAS and drive to ‘completion’ was exhausting.
I love the idea of the modular being a sound computer, with the octatrack as the master control/DAW box. Sold all my Harvestman, swapped out dual Clouds for an H9. Feelsgoodman.jpg


How are you getting all that synced? Like the setup for sure. I’ve always been tempted by the Blofeld.


I bought a second Ansible for syncing the Octatrack to the modular via midi clock. It’s not start stop, but synchronous music is enough for me.


just friend as only oscillator?


Just Friends, Mangrove and Ultra Random Analog can also be used as one.


How are you liking that H9?