//// pictures ////



these just arrived today from 12k
…but sadly I have to wait until September 1st to put them out into the world.


Who made the 12k logo ?
It really has a The Designers Republic vibe… :slight_smile:


Taylor Deupree runs 12k and is responsible for all the design which is always top notch


Ah, I didn’t know he did the design too.
Very good stuff indeed.


Yup. His background is in design + photography


Wow. That is absolutely gorgeous.


Well, I’ve Clouds, Three Sisters, Teletype, the Stratocaster and the same Eames chair :smiley:


Haha. Clouds, Three Sisters, Eames chair and a Jazzmaster here. #clones.


//// sad in pictures ////

But on the more happy side, I got a reply from support almost immediately on what is a Saturday evening in the UK.

And happier yet, simply powering off, removing cables, waiting 10 minutes, powering on again, fixed it. Kind of odd though. I’ve also noticed the CV ins can be super sensitive to stray voltages.


Fun fact: My monome sits almost flush to my gamecube.

This is where mine sleeps when it’s not lit.



Me and my setup at Acusmatiq in Ancona, Italy, 30/07/2017


Nice shots

and your avatar is quite perfect @AlessandroBonino !


A quick bad lighting pic of my current setup. This is in studio mode, when playing shows I take different subsets of all this stuff.



Swapped the Reface DX for a CS - much better. Dealing with an OT is easier if the other instruments are really simple.

Also getting rid of the JV2080 as it’s replaceable with iPad apps (sound canvas and iWavestation)

Got a wee gap on the left, but don’t know what to put there since the CS killed my GAS for analog monosynths!


First adjustments in quite awhile, so this is the summer state of the synth :slight_smile:




Guinness stopped being a sponsor?


new sponsor outbid them :upside_down_face:

gotta say…last nights’ foto is slightly misleading since i dont often drink (and certainly not while making music…)