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…i dont often drink (and certainly not while making music…)

That’s what we all say :slight_smile:


I made a small battery-powered setup last night :slight_smile:


Don’t know if it is a good sign that my wife & daughter let me take my Euro on our summer vacation, but as my daughter draws pictures and my wife takes photos, I guess it is fair deal – and I get the time to dive into Teletype 2.0, WHICH IS AWESOME, sorry for shouting:

Thanks to all the great folks who created TT 2.0!


let’s hear it, let’s hear it


Hey, shout out to PGS (Portage Garage Sounds). Yay!


Finally a proud owner of a 64 Grid!!!



I know you’ve hunting for a monome to try! Congrats!!


newest addition: synthrotek Power Lunch case!


Out of interest - what stand are you using for your larger case?


its the make noise one. little pricey for what it is but it is a very noice handmade thing :slight_smile:


se passi per Roma… dimmelo!, please :slight_smile:


Aleph is the most elegant, mysterious and sexy instrument I’ve ever seen


Arrived yesterday…

Now I just have to learn to play it!


I like when new instruments make me think of something Spock would have played.


Here it is, playing with himself in the park :wink:

(The tune comes from the Turing Machine inside the Bees-in-the-trees firmware for Braids)

@SYS2064 per il momento ho in programma solo una Buchla night in autunno in una chiesa sconsacrata a Genova ma ho scoperto (non suonavo live dal 2000) che suonare dal vivo mi piace, quindi se mi invitano vengo :smiley:


finally setup in my new place


say hello to the travel synth if you’re curious:





How do you like the Roland cases? I’ve considered getting one or two…