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They’re my first cases so I don’t have a whole lot of perspective. Rock solid though, wasn’t too worried putting it in checked luggage with the lids clamped on. One of the lids came out with a chip out of the “wood” though, so that was disappointing to see it was particle board and not timber. There is a tonne of available power, I think if I can find a daisy chainer that fits I could power them all from one psu. Unfortunately I haven’t so I’m stuck with 3 power cords at the moment which is annoying. Lids do close with patch cables in, but not if you’re patching between rows in a layout like mine. (I don’t mind because I usually use this as a generation tool straight to wav then repatch). They screw together, but the screws are really short so I just gaffa taped it :+1:. No problems with ground noise, even with the mikrophonie and trogotronic. Power switches on the underside are a bit annoying. When I eventually get bored of this voice setup I might get a fourth and have two stacks of two which iI think would be more elegant. They’re expensive, but two of the three I got either as-new-second-hand or heavily discounted which seems to happen pretty often.


All good info to know. Thanks for taking the time to share.


New project, new setup.


That’s a great studio space! Is it temporary for this project, or your permanent studio?



nice compact fun! what are the little sticker type things over some jacks?


Landscape AllFlesh



Yeah, that’s really a great space. I wish this was our permanent studio. It’s actually a lot bigger than what you see in the photo btw. A friend of mine owns it, it’s above his shop (he grows and sells plants and flowers).
Unfortunately it’s a bit far out in the countryside, so we don’t use it as often as we’d like to. Finding a place like this here in the city is almost impossible.


Rusty contemplates the complexities of patching the Phenol with MIDI interface.



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How’s the deluge going? I really liked it, but money constraints put the brakes on the purchase.


Looks beautiful. Care to explain how you have it routed?


It’s super exciting and totally daunting at the same time. Basic functionality, say sequencing and basic patch manipulation/building, is very intuitive. But really quickly I could tell there’s this whole other layer around the sampling side of things that is going to be a lot of fun to explore. Been mostly working on prepping a sound library for it so I have some sounds to play with. Lot’s of learning to do!

Now I need to find the time to sell the old gear that is supposed to pay for it, haha. Cart before the horse!


Is that VCA Matrix hanging off the end of the case? Took the side panel off to squeeze a few more HP out of it? :slight_smile:


no SD card in the aleph!?!?


did you get intellijel modules into the synthrotek case? my understanding is that they are not compatable?


if you look closely, the top screws are not in :grimacing:


oh yeah, i do see that!


Yeah, the distance between the holes on intellijel 1U tiles are a different height/distance than the rails in the synthrotek case, so it means you can only get one row of screws to hold the module in place. It’s perfectly solid, everything stays in place, no flex when punching in/out jacks. I was taught long ago by a friend that 2 screws is plenty, in his recording studio every single unit in his 19" racks are held in with just two screws.

There’s a slight gap between the 1U tiles and the 3U modules, though I suppose I could shift them up to use the other rail. And the sliding nuts in the unused rail are loose and slide around, but whatever, everything works. Ha

Edited to add a pic:

Though I suppose it’ll bother those afflicted with eurorack OCD. I’m not one of those…yet.

Oh yeah, there was one other thing. The intelligel tiles only came with 10pin cables, but the power strip in the case uses 16pin cables, so I had to buy a 10pin to 16pin cable. Not having any power issues, everything is working.

42/54 hp Lunchbox Inspiration