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thanks for the detailed info! i think i will buy their 1u reverb module now.


Thanks :slight_smile:
everything is connected via Oplab, it works in several modes, I use mode 2: all USB are cross connected and send/receive any signal to/from MIDI/CV ports, but a direct connection MIDI<->CV in not available, I have to pass through a DAW or, in case I use the Oplab stand alone, through an USB MIDI interface and a MIDI THRU port.
Channel 1 is reserved to CV in/out, other channels are free. I connected a Modular G2 to the MIDI IN/OUT ports (channels 2-5), the monomachine to host USB 2 via a midi interface (channels 6-11), the OP-1 to host USB 1 (channel 12).


…yes :grimacing: :grinning:

I use Ikea Algot system, it gives me a little bit room in the back of the case, perfetc for the jacks an sd card :wink:


A beautiful system. I especially like this part:




nice pic,
which mutable module is the one in the left corner


Excellent colour coordination! How do you find the monomachine sound measures up to braids? I’ve heard people say they like the mnm sound better, but I imagine braids covers more ground.


Interesting comparison and honestly one that doesn’t fully make sense to me. Care to explain why such radically different tools would be compared or do you just mean specifically comparing the sound each makes in the wavetable synthesis approach?

The Monomachine has always tempted me, but when I opened for Sam Prekop that temptation went to another level as he seemed to use it so tastefully.


Just the fact that they both offer a variety of digital synthesis methods, I guess. The sound quality of their overlapping modes. I’ve always been a mnm fan as well… one day!






modular on the couch


click click!


Ok what? More info please :slight_smile:


'nuff said.


Multitap tape echo?
(And twenty characters?)


Wow, what a beauty!!!


That third pic! I’m sure you could design an alien out of the layout ^^


…inside a powered mixer. Madness.

It also came with two 4x12 speaker cabinets, it’s a wonder I got it all to fit in my car.


I wholeheartedly concur.


Pure dub machine. You need to use this to run street parties asap.


Agreed, with great power comes great responsibility. Always wanted a Sound System!