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It’s a homebuilt 40% mechanical keyboard called the Let’s Split. Like a Planck but split in half, way more ergonomic for me :slight_smile: Both fun builds!


I think it’s a CVpal https://www.thonk.co.uk/shop/mutable-instruments-cvpal-kit/





It’s nice to see clicky keyboard fans here. :slight_smile:

I have an IBM Model M and Happy Hacking Keyboard.


Portable rig for Montana trip…

PBMIX-3, du-touch S, Digitakt


How do you like the du-touch? What layout do you use? (I’d not encountered them until you took this picture).


what keyboard is this? I need to know :smile:


it’s the vortex core :slight_smile:


current state + grid + omnichord
waiting in the mail O/A/x2 and Optomix
soon 1010 bitbox and permutation


How do you like the Digitakt/how do you integrate it with your workflow. I’m interested in one, need more opinions.



It packs quite a bit of functionality in such a small device: It is surprising how small it is, but you get isomorphic key pads (what attracted me) that are velocity sensitive, three touch sliders, two axis motion detection, and audio engine, a 7-part looper, MIDI over USB and Bluetooth, and a very well thought out user interface that makes very good use of the small screen.

On the other side, it feels like more mature software would bring out the best in this thing: For one, the current release still doesn’t do MIDI (!), the buttons need more attention to software de-bouncing (though less of a problem if I were more confident and played harder!). The stock sounds are not particularly nuanced, but you can load 2GB of samples into it (and instruments can be built with samples mapped in pitch and velocity). The built-in effects are thin and could use more oomph. And the desktop app is clearly “first release”. All of this stuff is fixable in SW, so there is hope.

All that said, it is remarkably playable! Small enough to throw in your backpack, easy enough to plug in headphones, sit and just play. The keyboard system is brilliant, and even the looper UI is simple enough to just get out of your way while you play.

Once it has MIDI it’ll be in my live rig!


Well, I started out integrating into my Live based improv. set up. Now it is my improv. setup! Honestly, I love the Digitakt for live performance. I can do an 80 min. set with almost nothing prepared on it but a preloaded selection of samples.

There are still bugs and crashes with OS version 1.04 - though the crashes seem limited to extensive use of MIDI sequencing. I only use it for it’s audio tracks (though I send MIDI in to it to sync’ with other things, and to control the master track volumes from a fader controller.)

I love the way it sounds - and the range of sculpting you can do on them. That and the sequencer is just killer (p-locks FTW!)

BUT - don’t get it if you aren’t patient with Elektron getting the device to full feature set. I’d guess it is going to be another 6 months before they deliver on all the box can do (Overbridge, backup, a compressor, etc…)


I agree. The MIDI is currently buggy. Aside from the crashes, there’s a nasty bug when using Digitakt as a CC remote where the second CC freezes when turning two knobs at the same time. MIDI retrigger isn’t a thing yet, which is a missed opportunity.

Aside from that, wow, it’s just an incredible instrument. I’ve already nearly filled up an entire project with patterns, something that I haven’t done before on an Elektron box. The entire workflow feels great, and there isn’t really anything awkward or hidden. I also really like the form factor.


My new (to me) guitar. I’ve wanted a strat for a long time and finally found this one I loved.


i love the look of the darker aged maple fretboard. also floyd rose bridge… divebommmbbbbbb!


Salt 2017, Victoria BC
I’m playing nono’s …sofferte onde serene… with a fantastic pianist (ermis theodorakis) this evening


I love my JRF contact mics, they’ve served me well. Put them to use in a live performance this summer—taped to a wooden box with stones, shells, seeds and leaves.


It’s not mine… but, I wish it was.