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thanks. it’s really a pretty amazing moment in time where so many brilliant people are making tools to make music with.


(makes noises about that keyboard)


A moving picture (with sound) of the mini setup I put together last night.


now i want a moisturizer :expressionless:


This thing of posts that disappear in 24 hours it’s an annoying one, what’s the point?
I cannot understand it.


Are the moisturizer and the microgranny the only sound sources? Sounds amazing! I just ordered a MG and I keep running into videos of people doing cool stuff with them, so I’m quite excited



WELCOME! :sunglasses:




Yup. I like the Microgranny. Awesome little box.


Late night work. Try to get my head around Teletype. Lucky enough Arp Omni can double as writing desk.


the eternal joys of living in the tropics…….


…wow! I will never again complain about our insects over here…


Pixel art version


Love the MG. So much potential in such a tidy, usable instrument.


Bugs really love those warm spaces. I remember when I was in Malawi and ants used to come out of the power outlets and along my laptop power cables onto my keyboard.


dawn of a new era for me



My first thought was that the piece in the front was a orgon systems enigiser… But it’s not right? Clean looking setup anyhow :slight_smile:


I guess it’s a Serge system :slight_smile: