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Correct! It’s an old setup of mine before moving abroad; Serge STPS and TTSH, built by The Human Comparator (www.thehumancomparator.net)


Sat on my desk, doing something generative.


Hey that’s a cool case, did you make it? I like 7U format, which leaves the center 1U for utility stuff.


I didn’t make it, but I had it made. Long story. (My previous case was homemade, and was 7U84.)

I am fond of 1U as a spice-rack in the middle - I sell 1U kits myself - and am interested in trying to do a few more things in that format than is customary. (90% of that row is made by myself - the commercial modules are at the left, and the rest is prototypes, three of which are inches from release. There’s also a 1U Plitka Trace oscilloscope in there. Functions going on in that row include clocking, an LFO, gate-to-trigger conversion, a couple of attenuverters, a headphone amp, a contact mic amp, a sample-and-hold with built-in noise source, and a slightly janky CV bus that needs work…


Snap! (Almost)


Can you tell me what case that is? And for Bonus Points, the power?


Thank you!


its a frap tools plus case. 2 rows of 168 hp. i am powering it using 2 tiptop power modules (forget the name off the top of my head) and for the battery power i am using a ravpower charger. which will power this system for about 2 hours. the case is awesome, but very thin so you have to be very aware of depth. i think it is 44mm. and also the power connectors can get pretty crowded too. this fits (snugly) into a pelican knock-off case i found on amazon.


Sorry, forgot to reply. Yes, only the MG into the Moisturizer, and then in the delay and Strymon reverb. The MG is real fun. I like to assign the same sound to all the keys, and assign different settings to each one. So it’s cohesive and wicked at the same time :slight_smile:




new home


A blurry bedroom jam setup from daze past…on the cusp of a new dedicated space and so wish my old room of almost 20 years goodbye. Shot on medium format film degraded due to heat sadly.



Cool, is that CV enabled guitar pedal?


Yeah, it is a “eurorack” version of one of their guitar pedals, with the added cv inputs and 1/8" connectors. they also make a module version of this.



My friend Dave Bundy got the module version and he says it’s stunning.


feeding just type pellets into supercollider


I put my system-in-proces away for a while due to lack of inspiration / depression. I set it up again tonight, I hope I will be patching again soon!


Just got a few new pictures from the gig I did a while back with @tehn and @instantjuggler.


Looks like a beautiful space/time!


Damn that thing is loooong. How many hp wide per row? And why 2 Functions vs a Maths.

Looking good!