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thanks! it is 168 HP. and i choose the functions cause they are a bit smaller and i use the hang feature all the time.



cant wait to hear what you make with it


such a beautiful composed picture with the flowers and window in the background!




Rethought/rearranged and finally locked everything in this morning. Been working toward this for a month or so and it feels good to know I can just turn it on and play again!

For this instrument signal generally flows from left to right…and out to fx and/or tape


This afternoon’s small setup, on my living room rug :slight_smile:


Nice little setup. How do you like the Infinite Jets pedal?


I LOVE the picture of the skiff with all modules set up backwards!
I wonder what the color version looks like. And it makes me want to try that next time I rearrange the system…



Here it is:

Taken on a whim while making sure that the modules I swapped would fit. I dont expect to see the underbelly for a while…since they were all unattached I flipped them to inspect and appreciate the circuits

Shuffled a few after this (during the ribbon cable ballet)


Makes you appreciate the transformative power of Just Friends: you put it in the middle of the rest, and it totally changes how one sees the big picture… exactly how it does that with sound. :grin:


Interested to hear some Lyra sounds!


Thanks. It’s on loan from a friend of mine, this is the first time I actually sat down with it. I like it! Works pretty well with the violin-like sounds of the Lyra, especially in ‘swell’-mode.

I’m not sure if it’s a “guitar pedal” or marketed as something else but my first impression is that it would work best for guitar, not synthesizers. But, I’ve only spent a couple of hours with it so far…

@rmro Coming up!


Busking in Berlin with some random dudes, the minirig, the grid, and a few Python scripts running on Linux.

This was my first attempt to play live on the street and it turned out really well, which I guess is because of the people around :slight_smile:


A few recent pics, one of my setup pre-reorganisation, and a new acquisition - loving Pulsar’s black faceplate & pcbs. I find that some black modules tend to feel kinda cheap (maybe using plastic instead of aluminium?) but this feels solid and smooth. If only the rest of my setup could be like that!


Been messing with running samples through guitar pedals. Got samples being cut up with the Grid - > count to five -> sp 303. And on another track I got samplr - > hologram dream sequence. Finally got a nicer audio interface that is happily conducive to all this connectivity and experimentation with return tracks


this looks REALLY fun.


I wonder how comes that my wife’s luggage is five times heavier than mine, and she doesn’t even have this inside.


I’d love to see video of this. I really like the idea of this little rig.



busking electronics does something special to my head