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I was so bummed I couldn’t make the the talk yesterday - fingers crossed there was some documentation!

Wild to see some of his Buchla equip. I saw some of the home made boxes at the Tudor conference at Weslyan last year, but had no idea about the extent of the Buchla stuff (those touch-plates < 3)


5 months into modular and just starting cello. Can’t wait to be playing these two together!


Had a lot of fun messing around with this rungler patch the other day - running all the outputs through my modular. Everything is clocked chaotically from the rungler:

Here’s some sound snippets mixed down to stereo for the curious:


I was fortunate to hang out with Tudor’s boxes while studying music at Wesleyan!


so sick!

If you’d be willing to share, super curious what’s going on with the dcblocker~ object in yr patch. Is that for bringing CV back into Max-land?


Thanks. I’m trying to decide what to do with them now. In a sense they are 8-channel non-durational compositions, but I do feel the need to do more with them. It’s just that every time I start to chop them up or edit, they lose the chaos that makes them special…

The dcblocker~ is just filtering out anything < 20hz, from the helpfile (part of JASCH objects):

I should probably use biquad~, but dcblocker~ is easier to remember than those coefficients!

After recording these I realised that Xaoc Drezno and Meng Qi Karp can produce lots too.

edit - looking at this again it only filters out very low frequencies (like < 0.5 hz) but also removes any offset, of course. Maybe I should be using cross~ before recording too…


ME too!! When were you ther?



Yeah, you know from experience, the strings don’t sound too good like that.


i have even heard of people attaching the viola neck to the body before playing it.
(macbook works fine tho, btw)


Where’s the face plate of this O_c from?


Nice setup. Just got a cello as a gift a few months ago, never played before and starting to try to both find out how to approach it, practice actually playing it and how to incorporate it with monome/arc and/or push2. Any sounds out there on what you’ve done with these together?


Well hello there new friend. I’ve been waiting so long to meet you, let’s make some noise, shall we?


Damn, I want mine :slight_smile:.
What was your order number ?

It looks awesome in copper…



I have solder a detached trim pot back on. The top module didn’t fit the frame perfectly, so I have a twist tie in lieu of a screw in one corner. But given the trials he’s had with his manufacturer, I’m not really surprised about these things. Just a bit of a delay before I get some sound out of it, stay tuned…

EDIT: Yay! that seems to have worked. It’s ultra-noisy, and I honestly can’t tell how much of that is by design or due to build quality, but that’s sort of what I expected.

EDIT 2: Ah, managed to dial a lot of the noise out. Starting to gel…


Awesome, looking forward to mine arriving … guess a while yet for it to appear in Europe
Let’s hear more ( perhaps time to revive the mescaline thread :))


What’s the name of this creature?


It’s the Folktek Mescaline. Really excited for mine.


Nothing yet! The way I’ll be approaching it is creating harmonic drones or simple melodies on the modular to improvise on top of. Eventually I want to get a piezo pickup, Walk and Morphagene to do some live looping/mangling. You could certainly do something along those lines with push!