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This is great; my biggest issue with making music these days is not having somewhere permanent to leave my small amount of gear set up…connecting everything up before starting is such a mood killer.

Thanks for the inspiration!



I hear you completely. And that’s always been my problem too. That’s why I’m trying to build back up a pedalboard: it’s all ready to plug and play but can slide away under the desk. I might eventually re-invest in an octatrack or other unforeseen future sample mangler, and have that plugged in in this small space. But for now, the iPads are great and easy setup.


The new abode is ready.


This happened Saturday…

The Tesla coil is one of the synths.


I have the best friends.

Totally unexpected parcel from a friend today:



20 letters of arpeggiation


I know, right?! Hand-soldered by my mate Jimmikins! Such a legend. He was no longer using it, so passed it on.

I’m loving the changing rhythms of the arpeggiator. Not a huge fan of keyboards, so it’s standalone mode is great for a nice changing soundscape.


got to visit the farm the other day for excellent chili, a metric boatload of great conversation (though listening is often my most comfortable position), and a dark and windy barn session. :heart: = full. as anyone would suspect, kindness and care simply radiate from k+b.


need to see a closeup of your gear :wink:


Here are some of my favorite tools.


New main hub. Cable orientation in progress.


What an awesome image!



Is this a custom Eurorack case, or is it available for sale somewhere?


That looks like a Pittsburgh Modular case to me, though it might be a now discontinued one…


That’s a good guess, it looks a lot like the bigger cases for sale on their website.


I think it’s the Structure 96, but it’s apparently discontinued (some dealers might still have some stock ?).


The lifeforms complete systems were sold in these cases, it looks like that’s what it is.

EDIT: Linky https://pittsburghmodular.com/system-201


It is, in fact a Pittsburgh system 201 which is housed in a structure 96 case.