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Thanks for the replies! It seems there are several Structure 96 for sale in Europe, I may try this case (i.e.buy it, as the shops are far away from my place).


Little bits and pieces starting to arrive. Still no power, and a handful of modules awaiting their slow flight from the US, but here is the start of my system.

(the underlying colorful stuff is custom printed correx (designed by @Angela) which will form the enclosure of the case/skiff/thing.


oooooooo look at that SEXY THING


my eyes are fuzzy, so I saw SEXY THING as SEXY THING, which made me realize that I would love a Teletype OP called SEXY.THING that just drew this:


Sometime back in 2009, taking glamor shots while experimenting with my first monome. Had the computer in a briefcase, running gentoo linux, and you can see the back of a PCI-based Layla24 to the left.



Spotted in the berklee gear bunker


At some point they’ll have more of them than @tehn


Where’s Monome #5?!

20 characters.


Who do you think is taking the picture…


A little bit of Kria in my life.
A little bit of Earthsea by my side.
A little bit of Meadowphysics is all I need.
A little bit of White Whale is what I see.

Ok sorry bye.


Admins, can we ban people for posts like this?! :rofl:


Shouldn’t they be numbered starting from zero?


Got to play with an old SCI Pro-One a couple days ago while on the clock at work. It belongs to one of the tenants in the building, and he’s apparently got another one that I’ll get to mess around with soon. Both of them are in need of servicing, but I’m hoping to wrangle some sounds out of them for a future recording at some point. Massive sounds from these things.


the point of this shot being in the pictures thread…
but, to get 'pedestrian
one persons gear, is another persons trash
and vice-versa
(audio available upon request)


Any other tape heads in here? This is what I’m working with for a round of gigs next month. The little guy on the bottom-right is a maraca/vocal mic combo from Crank Sturgeon, and I have a Koma Field Kit on its way that’ll take its place below the mixer and push the handheld above the 4-track where the speakers are.


New live setup. So minimal, yet so fun and creativity expansive. Just got the ot. I absolutely love it.


What’s running on the pad?


I’m planning to test / repair / modify these at some point when I have some more workspace to actually do so. These are various decks I’ve either scored for cheap or for free over the years.


It’s Samplr. http://samplr.net/
Lovely app.