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Never realised it had a dark skin! Very handsome, especially beside that MK2.


i actually have the ipad running in “grayscale” mode precisely for that reason. thank you for validating my absurd obsession with little details like that. And yes, Samplr is an incredible app.


Current system :slight_smile:


With a few HP to spare on both rows. What are you going to fill those empty spots with? :wink:


Like someone adviced in the Show us your modular system thread, probably a 2hp mixer and a mult :thinking:


The Monome Walk to act as a manual foot driven gate for the ER-301 and the Mutation 4 channel mute could be nice additions from my perspective.


(And 20 annoying characters)


teletype scripting + (patching * 2) = prep for a performance (in quad!!!) on thursday



||| Double Manta FTW |||


:grinning: it’s just an illusion: my board was parked next to giant mirror in a dance studio…


:grin: I should pay better attention, but it’s still the first picture I see that has two Mantas in it. So, sticking with my first post.


live recording as part of an art experiment featuring ~20 simultaneous performances. headphones were made available to peek into the session. offering openings into a closed process helped me examine what changes (emotion, performance, approach) when I become aware that someone else is listening. learned a lot, excited to keep building!


Pictures with gear AND the people using it.
They’re my favorites !


A couple recent workspace shots…


yesterday evening


from dream

to reality


where’d you get those cables??


Lately, I’ve been assisting our resident artist with some modular tape loops:


The level of accurate detail on that biscuit is really quite impressive!