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Came across this thing. An EHX Space drum. Haven’t seen them before. This one is in great shape and sounds pretty cool. :slight_smile:


i have a very big crush on you right now.


Got a photo of my 6U with lovely lighting recently. Been missing a dedicated noise source though so thinking I’ll swap the Belgrad for a Ripples I have lying around and a Noise Reap Flux V2 that’s in the mail. :slight_smile:


I’m thinking about getting a Belgrad-- do you have any advice toward going with it or not? I also see you have a Batumi which is also on my wish list. Would you recommend that as well?


I love the Belgrad. Honestly, if I didn’t want a noise source and some dedicated randomness it wouldn’t be going anywhere and I’ll probably still swap them out from time to time. It has incredible range and, to my ears and eyes, is just gorgeous.

As for Batumi, it’s praises have been sung by wiser folks than me. It is excellent for clocked modulation. Mixers and attenuation only improve the situation. I use the Divide mode a lot and keep meaning to delve into the Expert firmware more but still haven’t gotten around to that.


Awesome! Thanks for the info. When you said you were thinking about swapping the Belgrad I got nervous but since you love it that makes me happy. I want to use the Batumi to modulate the Belgrad for some wicked drone stuff! Thanks again for your insight!


Finally got a proper cable hanger, easily nailed into my office shelf. Suddenly my floor is clear (well, clear-ish). This is the larger of the two made by Erica Synths.


look at that collection of budda boxes.


Yes, I’m tangentializing your post, but… do you recommend the computer in art?


that is officially my favorite sign of all time ever period.


Definitely. Jasia Reichardt was an expert witness to that period of emerging technology. I find her writing inspiring. This is a very short book, published in 1971.


Not sure if it shows in the picture, but the quote is attributed to New Orleans legend Ernie K-Doe. I got the postcard from Westy Reflector, a longtime Junto participant, and stuck it in my ukulele so I’d stop reaching for my uke and stick to guitar. When he sent it he had no idea I’d attended Ernie K Doe’s second line when I lived in New Orleans.


Some shots from a show I played last night. A really great monthly experimental hiphop/electronic show in Oakland called smart bomb. First show with my new simplified set up of using just the octatrack and samplr. wish I jumped on the octatrack earlier. So much fun.


I just got a belgrad and a tides myself recently, loving the belgrad. The double notch makes wonderful phasery sounds, think i’m going to grab the xaoc phaser to fill in that spot.

I’m still learning tides, can’t wrap my head around it just yet, how do you use it ?

Beautiful rack, cheers !


Lovely and streamlined, would love to hear it.


Your desire is my command :smiley:


every time Tides comes up, I’m happy to sing its praises:

  • I probably use it most as a VCO. it’s a lovely almost-full voice - tracks perfectly because it’s digital, Smoothness becomes an LPF to 12-o-clock and then a wave folder thereafter; I like it mainly as a triangle wave, but modulating Slope can lead to fun things. And it’s got a VCA on the Level output. So that’s handy. It really likes modulation and that can lead to great tri bass tones. (And you could use the square outs as a square oscillator too)
  • PLL mode makes for fun VCO sounds, but also means you can use it as a tempo-synced LFO, which also means you can use the HIGH/LOW outs as clock division. And sometimes, when I really need another clock divider, that’s what I’ll use it for.
  • it’s still a very handy LFO/envelope/function generator, and I’ll sometimes use it as a funky LFO (given all the modulation options). I almost never use it as an EG.

It’s Olivier’s take on a west-coast function generator (eg DUSG, Maths), basically, with a neat digital twist. Like its predecessors, it’s lots of fun at audio rates. But the most important thing is: things you learn at one rate apply to another; although for reasons the controls slightly modify their behaviour, they end up feeling the same. And that means something you discover in its LFO capabilities will have interesting applications at audio rate.

Tides digression over!

Eurorack: ask questions here

I think I noticed some weird digital pops and clicks when I run it at audio rate and tweak the slope knob slightly when it’s around all the way to the right, should I be worried ? Any experience with parasites by the way ?


Lovely, the ER-301 surely looks like quite a thing. Was thinking of picking up an octatrack but I should maybe look into this.

Checked more of your instagram, quality stuff ! Subscribed :slight_smile:


I mean, you should’t be ‘worried’ but that’s not an experience I’ve ever had.

No experience with Tides Parasites; I’ve never needed it, and Tides feels perfectly balanced in terms of functionality and UI. It doesn’t really need anything more multimodal adding - I think it’s fine as it is (and it always gets use).