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I’ll try to post an audio example when I get home. Since the module is all digital I figured either it works or it doesn’t, that’s why I’m not sure about this clicky stuff, doesn’t sound like it should be there. Maybe reinstall the firmware or smth.



Trying to work on a live modular set and keep getting distracted by this old dog. I think I’ll be incorporating this in my next project



Very nice space…

Did you stain the wood on that Cell case ?
I have a Cell90 and mine are definitely a lighter colour…


That table! Where’s it from?


not sure it was from a retail shop, it’s my roommates, she was out of town so I set up in her sun room:)


Thank you and no I didn’t stain it, it came like that. It’s a Pittsburgh Modular Case, selling it actually…


Pertinent mainly to the studio furniture thread. After being diagnosed with severe osteoporosis due to a glandular issue, I’ve tried to be more mindful of ergonomics and posture. Always a work in progress, but I put my laptop up on a shelf and it’s now at eye level. I got a nice chair too that has been way better than the clunker I used for 15 years. I like that I can stand at my laptop and still use it with better posture than when I sat and it was on the desktop where the synth is now located.


Hey that looks a lot like mine ! Have the same monitors, a 6U modular and i’m getting the AR MK2 as soon as it releases. Are these shape 50’s ? I love my pair.

Also, if you can give more hindsight and examples to your modular setup i’m interested, I really want to get something like elements or rings myself and the plonk looks like a good alternative.


I just got the Plonk and I’m really enjoying it, but I’ve never touched any Mutable module for whatever reason so wouldn’t feel comfortable comparing.

With my modular, I’m always trying to find that impossible setup that allows me to do almost anything with minimal quick patching changes. Hard to be too concrete because I’m always taking it apart and putting it back together. I had been working within MAX for a bit more elasticity in my timing (using the ES-8 in the little case next to my modular), but I had some ideas that had me return to the Octatrack. Plus, the ease of effects that would’ve required more time and CPU in MAX. I put a lot into the MAX patch though and definitely want to return to it in time.

Anyway, Soundcloud has a few live sets and a CD release on West Main Development is snippets from other live sets too. I haven’t put out as much stuff lately because I’m not so productive at finishing things, and I think I feel less spark to finish and/or release with the insane amount of stuff people are releasing these days. Maybe I just feel like I’m adding to the noise sometimes.


Lovely textures on the bandcamp track. Is that the plonk ?


Thanks. It is definitely NOT the Plonk though. I just got that a week ago and am still figuring out how to integrate it into the workflow :slight_smile:


They can definitely be distracting… doesn’t help that guitars are so cheap compared to electronics.


I’m curious how you are using the passive mixer? Looks like it’s inputs for the OT? Beautiful compact setup BTW


Thanks, I really fixate on the idea of relatively compact and full of potential.

As for the mixer, you guessed it, I use it to send 4 modular signals into the 4 OT inputs, whether those are Thru machines for effects or Flex machines for live sampling.


Super happy with my new Grau Modular Pocket Case.


Could you tell us how wide are these cases (how many HP) ?
I’m looking for something around these lines…


Sure, it’s 2x 51hp. I didn’t measure the outer dimensions but probably around 30cm.


Thank you for the reply.

Actually I have 116 HP to pack in the smallest possible case, so that would be 2x 58 HP, or 2x 60HP (easier to arrange the system I’m using). As I can find no “exact” solution I guess I’ll have to DIY - not a problem though, it just takes time!