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It’s always hard to find the right size of small case, as there is just too much awesome stuff to put in. My friend @whitenoises is working on a 2x 64 case to release next year. Maybe that helps.


Well, if mine isn’t a reality yet, I’ll definitely have a look at your friend’s 2x 64 design when it’s released!


all DIY modules i’ve done in the last year or so, and their friend the aleph :slight_smile:


A bit chaotic and it’s working nicely. This is at the Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco. Come through if you’re local. Aleph by appointment only but the rest of the gear is community access.


I’d say that electronics are expensive compared to guitars… Whenever I compare the price of modules to my Mustang Bass or my Jaguar I flinch a little bit :slight_smile:.

Is that an Eastwood Warren Ellis in there ? If so, which version (tenor baritone or normal tenor) ?


Yeah, some of those guitars were the price of 1 or 2 modules (the bass and strat were about the price of 1). And yeah, that’s a Warren Ellis Tenor Baritone 2P. Love that thing :slight_smile: It may seem weird to have 6 guitars (actually have a 7th Tokai Love Rock in a case in the closet, nitro finish so can’t hang on a hanger), but they’re basically a totally different instrument each. Feel different to play, sound different. I recently restrung the jazzmaster with flatwounds, really nice mellow tones :slight_smile:


Aah! That famous case you were talking about! That’s AWESOME! I want one. :smiley:


Yes, you do. The built quality of this thing is insane.


@lazzarello How are satisfied with the ModDuo?


I know you! Glad you joined!


I had a fun afternoon playing around with some $5 speakers, a piezo, some clothes pegs and a slinky.


100% satisfaction. Building 4 more foot switches.


How do you like the new Focals? Are those 50’s or 65’s? I guess this question goes to @lei as well!


I’m a fan for sure. I wish I could’ve afforded the 65s for better bass response, but yeah, still very much better than what I’ve worked with at home before this, so I’m happy :slight_smile:


How do you array them? Linear? Arc? Grid? How many in the end?


I’m thinking of building this one



Lovely collection, love the Jazzmaster and the tenor. I actually sold a few guitars to start my eurorack/electronics journey so I’m down to the strat, a baritone Jaguar and an old Japanese tele copy which are a bit neglected of late. But I’d love to have them all back. Maybe I will eventually :wink:


Is this where you recorded and mixed the album and all the gear you used?