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I really, really liked my 2000xl…


I loved my MPCs, but then… Ableton happened.


Had it for a year but ableton hasnt felt natural for sampling. Might eventually settle into it but got sick of feeling frustrated, helpless, dependent on others for something so easy.

Hardware samplers are my comfort zone…I can always figure things out myself.


Is that a floppy emulator? Always wanted one but never wanted to pay the (relative) steep price.


CompactFlash card reader…not sure if it relies on emulation to function but it works flawlessly so far


Ah - sorry. I thought it was the emulator. I have one of those too. I am currently using my MPC 3000, which is great, but not as convenient. For example, popping in that card reader on the 2K XL is butter (and inexpensive), while the SCSI requirements on the 3000 make it a real pain in the ass and super expensive by comparison.


first post


Bienvenido Juan! nice little studio you have over there :slight_smile:


Thanks @boboter!

Yeah I’m looking to start selling next year. Working on the prototype at the moment, still need to finalise handles/hinges and stains. But the overall form is there:


This is already looking pretty good!
I’ll try to post a few comments tomorrow when I have the time.


Nice Tom Sachs vibe to this: https://thecontemporaryaustin.org/static/media/2015/02/TheContemporary_vw11-1680x1258.jpg


Nice little setup. Just wondering what you are hitting the linear FM input on the STO with?



Nice! I don’t think I’ve seen his work before but totally see it from that image. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Yeah I’m just sending a gate, meaning you get quite a regular rhythmic modulation as the gate switches from low -> high and high -> low.


I really like the idea of using these massive detachable hinges! I find it adds a nice industrial vibe to it. I might steal this idea for a case I’m working on right now. And here it is:

Warm light doing it’s magic

It also has a bigger 110hp sister in the making. This one is 82hp (measure once, cut twice :stuck_out_tongue: )

The tiny studio corner thread (pt.3 work/music balance, now online)

Is this welded steel? The rails are welded in?

Looks really nice!


Thanks! Welded aluminum, and yes the rails are welded in. Not a forgiving method — getting everything to sit in place was a bit tricky so seeing it would actually hold modules was relieving.


Thanks. I’ll try this