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There’s some really beautiful about a setup so concise. It makes me want to revisit the idea of splitting my rack into discreet instruments in separate cases…


I just did that and ended up with several 1 x 104 or 120 rows, idea being to use 2 at the most (so perhaps not exactly concise, but compared to 6u, pretty big step down).

I’m considering building a couple of 1 x 60 sidecars for things that end up getting used a lot and just struggling with building the custom cable links to avoid having to put power in each.

Also thinking about making clip on ears to allow a two-level (apartment building :slight_smile: ) rack setup - just enough room for cables to reach out and up. I have fairly limited space near my computer and I really don’t like vertical mounts at all. Two tiers at about the same tilt as a mother 32 works better, but I don’t want the ears to be permanent as I want to mix and match what is upstairs and downstairs. Probably going to use retro hardware to make the joins.


i’ve been doing this for a while now. there is a lot of fun in putting together a case with a specific purpose in mind, so having 2 or 3 cases each one with its own purpose means you can do this often without disrupting everything.


This also makes me wish for some sort of external i2c connection so that I could split up my monome modules, but still optionally connect them to TT…


Yes! For this and other reasons I have longed for an external I2C approach.


Replying to myself… This could actually be pretty easy with a blank panel and some decent sockets…


So, I guess you’ll give all this info when you’re ready to offer the case for sale, but here is what I’d need to know :

  • Are you going to offer a built-in power supply?
  • What is the depth inside the “main” case, including and / or excluding the power system?
  • The plywood looks quite sturdy, what about the weight ?
  • When it’s finished, are you planning to offer the design “as is”, or would it be possible to get it without the handle and / or the lid (for people who travel with flight cases anyway)?

…I do not need the answers right now, I understand that you’re still in the design phase! But when you can answer this will be appreciated.
Anyway, good luck with this case, as I’ve said above it looks good already!


i really like the look of this set up, is that a moog skiff?
i am considering down sizing my 6U 114 to allow me to focus more on discrete modules rather than my current kid in a sweet shop a module for every function approach that i currently have. Thinking along the lines of what you have here but with a 1010 bitbox in place of the ER301


Ahhh slinkyverbs, or diy-springs in whatever form is fantastically fun and wonderful!


Beautiful. I was just recently thinking about putting tt and er301 into the cell48 as a performance setup. Plus grid… so compact and so powerful!


possible to share photos or modulargrid links?
ps how did you even plan them?


I think like others rearrangement is half the fun.

One is pretty much the base unit that is always in the mix.

Two are 2U and are rather focused.

The current setup is here.


Telegrid is the one I always have handy. But as @scanner_darkly pointed out, building a small special purpose one is a lot of fun so these change pretty quickly. As I said in my original post, and he said, having 2-3 that you can repurpose is kinda the point.

The reason I want to ‘lift’ one is because my desk isn’t deep so if I’m at the computer I want two tiers - a 2u below and a 1u above probably. Going to experiment with that this weekend.

Making stand alone modular instruments

yep, that’s moog 60hp case: https://www.moogmusic.com/products/accessories/moog-eurorack-case
i really like it, feels very solid. i just wish it had a built in power…


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