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Got a big ole care package from the US…

Lots of goodies in there.

Kind of bummed I have to wake up at 3am for a flight tomorrow morning, otherwise I’d start assembling stuff.

Midi that goes thwack

killer combo(s) (+20 char)


Late nights inside the cubicle…


Current mood. Figured out the Aleph lines module and did things on purpose tonight.




Thanks for the kind words! You’re right that the case is still in development and so the below isn’t set in stone, but where I’m currently at:

Are you going to offer a built-in power supply?

I’m investigating the possibility of powering the case with a battery, making for an ultra-portable setup. Up to this point I’ve been designing with a power module and external adapter in mind, in order to keep the case as small as possible and help it to run cool.

What is the depth inside the “main” case, including and / or excluding the power system?

2.5", but I want to try a slightly deeper case for the next prototype.

The plywood looks quite sturdy, what about the weight ?

Yeah the plywood is strong, I’m using it to get the best trade-off between strength and weight. Filled with modules mine is about 11lbs/5kgs, which is significantly lighter than other cases I’ve used – about a quarter of the weight. It’s made it so much easier to walk about with the case and take it wherever I need to go on foot, and also the size of it means its been much more manageable on planes/trains.

When it’s finished, are you planning to offer the design “as is”, or would it be possible to get it without the handle and / or the lid (for people who travel with flight cases anyway)?

I’m absolutely up for offering customised designs – I’m already thinking about left-handed and right-handed versions, different lids, different finishes, and a few more things I’m not able to talk about yet. But yes, I’d be happy to make simple custom alterations!


Nice one! Love the style, not seen anything like that before.


Finished a new DIY performance case not long ago. I was inspired by a couple of different design and my main goal was to be able to keep everything patched when traveling from the studio to gigs regardless of how many stackable might end up stacked. Really happy with the results!

Link to a walk-around video: https://www.instagram.com/p/BWk45NoFQgnQXX1gMllnl4SheRtHb1nxY1dqBE0/?taken-by=danielrdehaan


The next towards making my snare into a time machine.

The 2nd prototype (and near certainly final design) of the 3d printed drum bracket I had made last month.

Sadly I don’t have my snares where I’m staying at the moment to test, but from the first prototype I made a ton of measurements and comparisons and these sit of stuff lets it mount on every snare size, type, amount of lugs, depths, etc…


Pardon my ignorance but what are these for? Also, what’s that controller on the bottom right?


Here’s @Rodrigo’s previous post from earlier in the thread:


Aha - thanks for flagging.

Interesting use of a Dicer. I can see how you could use it to trigger live sampling. Food for thought. I only have one snare as part of my kit, but might be worth looking into. So many good ideas around here, so little money to spend :frowning:


A whole lot of life things have been going on and I haven’t made the time for music. Last week I ended up heavily rearranging my setup for ease of use… then I threw some Christmas at it.

Already making interesting sounds :smiley: standing desk may be the only way I go now.



Yeah, I’ve got some ideas of how to incorporate it. Mainly thinking of some kind of ‘macro’ control thing, or ‘quick access’ functions, while having other controllers and whatnot on the side.

It’s not velocity sensitive or anything, so at some point I might look into DIYing something similarly compact but with more features and/or things I want.


Rack ears, rails etc. arrived today, so I was able to get everything installed in this new Thon 6U, 84HP case:

While in theory extremely simple, I still messed up the brief DIY segment of this project by buying inappropriate rails, by failing to take into account that 6U ears would lack holes midway for 3U divisions and finally by being generally a clumsy chump (as a result, it isn’t exactly 168HP, more like 166). Some drilling and literal tearing with pliers later, though, here we are. This is an easily portable case that cost less than €350 including the Tiptop power set and shipping of all materials. I pinched this Thon idea from Dino Spiluttini, by the way.

One caveat for any interested in trying this themselves: this is a 6U Thon case, but it is not designed for Eurorack specifically. As a result, it’s a tight squeeze, and the hinges do not angle up any further than pictured. I can’t squeeze my hand in under the modules without removing the rack, which is a shame. Perhaps with a modified rack mount later…

PS: the Bastl case that this one replaced is still for sale: FS (EU): Bastl 'Marton' Eurorack case (6U, 2x72HP)


Thank you for the details. This is one of the cases on my list of hypothetical cases of the future. I’m trying to mix 5u, Frac and 19" stuff. I think I’m just going to save money longer and have a local company make the final case for me. I hate to do that when there are so many cases out there, but I’d like to do this right and maximize the space to keep it small.


Makes sense. I can imagine having some fun with the Dicer as is. Not sure I have use for it at the moment, though. In that same vein, I tend to have my SP-303 next to my drum set and use it to record / trigger lives samples. It’s a blast.


This thing fell into my lap: