Pie Are Squared - Con Calma

Hi! My second album of the year, the second with Whitelabrecs, is out today!

The origins of this album were a bunch of very long loops that I used to make for myself to listen to while at work which I then whittled down to songs and then added some other songs to them that seemed to fit the overall mood/sound.

Here’s a breakdown of the instruments/processes used to make the album:

1. Apricity
This one is very much all guitar. Started off as a long jam which I then cut up into chunks and ended up with this collage of stretched out chords and granulated notes.
2. Dismano
This is one of those that started as very long loops. The original loop was a recording I made while travelling and then ran through the SpaceCraft and iDensity iOS apps. To make it into a song, I sent the track out to 5 channels with EQ’s split at various frequency bands and then basically played the mixer.
3. Flügezüge
Made this while travelling for work, on a flight and a very long train ride in Germany (hence the name). The interesting thing about this one is that most of the sounds are little chunks of found sound, gates opening, there’s a shovel somewhere that I sampled and made into keys and pads (all in Ableton).
4. All We’ve Lost and Most of What We Miss
All 0-Coast and Lyra 8

5. Heard From a Distance
More 0-Coast and Lyra 8, plus some field recordings

6. Last Trace of Home
This was a cello sample that became an hour long drone in Gleetchlab 4 which became this song. This one is probably the least changed song from how the original drone was.
7. Away, World, Away
I was tempted to remove the pianos (Una Corda) and leave it in its initial form, which was 2 instances of Ableton’s wavetable with a ton of LFO’s modulating their parameters along with some follow actions on the clips.

Cheers, hope you like what you hear :slight_smile:


Received the download codes, here are a bunch of them: