Pie Are Squared - muri (Home Editions 013)

My new album, muri, is out now on Whitelabrecs. muri is my contribution to Whitelabrec’s ongoing Home Diaries series of releases. The album builds on the sound of my latest releases, but is more melodic and definitely more expansive from an instrumentation and sonic point of view. Even though this was made entirely in lockdown, I didn’t want to make an album that is necessarily sad, I wanted it to sound cozy, comforting even. These are songs that I would listen to in order to try to detach myself from what’s going on outside the walls of my apartment (hence the album title, which is Italian for walls) and I hope they have that same effect on whoever listens to them.attempt The album download includes a short interview in which I delve further into the details of making this album.

The album is available on both my and the label’s bandcamp pages, would love it if you check it out and please check out the rest of the albums in this series.

Here are some download codes for anyone who’s interested:


Thank you! The first track is amazing, will listen to the rest later in the car. Would you write something about the process (even if there’s the downloadable interview)?

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Thank you! Will definitely write something as soon as I am off work.

Thank you - I used code hujk-35he
The concept behind the music - in fact, the whole concept of the Home Diaries series - greatly appeals to me in these locked down days.
Will give it a listen during my lunch break! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I totally agree and it’s why I jumped on board as soon as Harry (the guy who runs the label) posted about launching this series. I think he did a great, and is still doing, a great job curating this series, releasing two albums a week isn’t easy at the best of times. The label’s bandcamp is in the description, but here it is again for anyone who wants to check out the series’ other releases (which I highly recommend): http://whitelabrecs.bandcamp.com

Thanks for checking out the album and hope you like what you hear!

Excellent as usual! Your 0-coast LP years ago helped start me down the modular path. That journey has ended up costing me a LOT of money, so I used code hujk-35he (guess Helen and I shared the same code and our grab-the-last-code mentality) :slight_smile:

Looking forward to diving into this! Thanks PRS


This makes me extremely happy! So glad to have played a part in your journey, and while this album sounds very different from the 0-Coast one, the synth features quite heavily on some of its tracks :slight_smile:

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Really enjoying this, the layering and the textures, the sense of space (which is pretty good going, given that it was recorded in your home only!).
I like the idea of leaving the Zoom just recording all day to collect enough - can we call them field recordings?! - the various sounds that drift in and out of the background help draw it all together in a subtle way.
I shall have to work back through the other albums in this series now!
Thanks again for sharing!


Thanks Helen! I am very happy that I was able to transmit that sense of space, it was one of the main targets I set myself when I was imagining how I wanted the album to sound. I guess I also would refer to these recordings as field recordings, with the field being my apartment and whatever the mic was able to pick up outside the windows.

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Used code
really nice stuff, thank you!

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great!! thank you so much!

Sorry yesterday had a long day at work and then came back home and had no time to do anything, anyway, here’s the process:
Tracks 1 & 2: Wrote these two together and both followed very similar paths. Started off from bits of guitar and feedback sketches that I sampled in Sampler to create the main drones. Then I resampled those to make the higher bits and then had a guitar line which you can hear clean and processed live through the Morphagene and QPAS. I resampled that guitar line to create the pads in the second track.
Track 3: If my memory serves me, this one is practically all 0-Coast through a ton of reverb and echo, Lyra 8 and voice. The keys at the end are actually a sample of a gate closing which had a very pleasing timbre.
Track 4: Basically this but with some added field recordings, was the first track I recorded:

Track 5: Almost completely recorded live with the guitar running the Meris Enzo and a bunch of distortion and delay pedals. Then I kept resampling it to create the rest of the layers. I love to try to minimise the number of sound sources per track. Just seems to work well for me.
Track 6: Began as an attempt to make something along the lines of The Caretaker’s An Empty Bliss Beyond this World and Bibio’s Phantom Brickworks, then I decided to try to flip that and brighten the sound as the song progresses. Main instruments here are Native Instrument’s Una Corda, Granulator, 0-Coast and Live’s Wavetable.
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