Pippi in the South Seas: Work In Progress


Hi all,

I’m working on a (mostly) web-based thing for a performance in November. It’s a retelling of a Pippi Longstocking story: http://southseas.fun

The basic idea is to tell the story in broad strokes (hopefully the story will come through) via basically a series of captioned vignettes that have timed interactive components… and a VOIP party line.

I’m working on each of the sections of the story now – the score, the narration, the “gameplay” – but a prototype is up now. There is also the party line number: 414-410-9811 – this is recorded and will be a source for sound processing, and the medium for a sing-along at the end of the show, but right now it’s just a conference call. (And an icecast stream to nowhere.)

If you have the chance to try the site out as-is now (thank you!) would you please let me know:

  • Does it make sound?
  • Do pippi’s eyes wiggle?
  • Do you see a title card every minute or so?
  • Do you hear a swedish lady saying things? (It’s Astrid Lindgren, the creator of Pippi)
  • Are the “ding” bell sounds pretty close to starting when the title card is shown, or pretty far off?

(There are 12 channels being broadcast, so multiple devices & browsers will get different sounds.)

Thank you!


Great idea, and really digging the sounds! As to your questions:

  • Does it make sound?

Yes, although it seemed to take a while. Was that the intention?

  • Do pippi’s eyes wiggle?


  • Do you see a title card every minute or so?


  • Do you hear a swedish lady saying things?

At the beginning of each title card.

  • Are the “ding” bell sounds pretty close to starting when the title card is shown, or pretty far off?

It appears maybe a second after the title card.


Thanks so much!

There’s a process doing the orchestration of renders and playback events, and playback only happens if you get pushed a new fragment – so landing on the page at first, it might be a few seconds until the next fragment gets pushed… I might try to compensate visually, with a “just brought up the page” short intro visual animation, but pushing the most recent fragment as soon as the page loads might be good too…!

In general, there is meant to be silence per-client, the performance will involve potentially a room full of people with the website open on their smartphones, and 4 laptops plugged into bass amps with a slightly different version of the website running – staggering the events has a cool effect.

Also interesting that you’re experiencing delay before the ding, and not the swedish lady. Thank you again for trying this out!


really cool idea! answers to your Qs (I’m on a mac, OS sierra, wifi/VPN)

Does it make sound? - yes

Do pippi’s eyes wiggle? - yes

Do you see a title card every minute or so? - yes

Do you hear a swedish lady saying things? (It’s Astrid Lindgren, the creator of Pippi) - yes

Are the “ding” bell sounds pretty close to starting when the title card is shown, or pretty far off? - the ding bell sounds just *after the title card’s descent.

where will the installation be performed? looking forward to hearing more of pippi’s adventures in the south seas :slight_smile:


first, Erik, I have known you for a long time and I have to say this is one of the vibiest things you have ever produced. miss you buddy. looking at this on safari, macos 10.12.6




yes! in between tracks.

yes, played almost exactly as the card came up.


Gaah, thanks man – I’m nervous about how the storytelling aspect of it is going to come together, but making progress on the music/sound side of things (and general plumbing for the site and phone line) is finally starting to feel encouraging. (Just in time, counting in weeks now!)

(And hooray safari is working! The big BEGIN button should take care of most browser autoplay issues, but desktop & ios safari were giving me some trouble in that area during the first passes on sound playback I did…)

(Also: this is the first real step toward that “book” project I’ve been running my mouth off about for years. It’s becoming more of a radioplay / play / story project though…)


Thank you! Another “works on a mac” report is very nice to hear. :slight_smile:

I’m doing the performance in Milwaukee Wisconsin at Brinn Labs on November 17th – during the day US central time, somewhere between 2 & 4pm.

I’d really like to make it a sort of “distributed” performance – since the equipment I’ll be using isn’t really anything special: some laptops, telephones & bass amps plus the smartphones that people bring with them. Well, one of the laptops will be projecting the website, too. Maybe two of them will be. The telephones in the space (assuming I can figure out how to flash their firmware) are sort of a special feature, too, they’ll be connected directly to my VOIP PBX and the party line / conference line it is hosting, so they can be set to speakerphone at the right times.

But! The point is that I’m trying to make it so it’s just as possible to participate in the performance at home – play the home game – better with friends and more devices tuned to the website, but no special equipment needed beyond something with speakers that has a web browser to be able to follow along…

The other thing I’m working out right now (November is approaching, this might not make the final cut) are sections within the performance that have scores of some kind. I’d like to make a PDF with a general script / scores available, so you can call into the party line during the show and play along with the scored sections on an instrument of choice during certain parts… I’d really really like to do it but making the scores useful will take some time, so I don’t know if it will be part of this version of things… There’s one part of that I’m committed to though, which involves some friends that will be on the conference line to help lead a short sing-along over the phone at the end…

Anyway, I hope to bother everyone here about this again closer to the performance on the 17th with those sorts of details as I do more tests and work things out.


I’m trying some animation tests out this week, if anyone has a chance to take a look on their smartphone, would you please let me know if there are any problems with the animation? (EG: there is no animation, it slows the phone down a lot, scrollbars are getting in the way, or anything that seems wrong to you!)

Thank you!



I started keeping a journal of the development process here: http://blog.southseas.fun/


Thinking about storytelling: http://blog.southseas.fun/generating-stories.html




Fantastic, thank you!