pirate radio

it’s a radio that plays other lines folks music, as well as radio.aporee, and live weather on various “stations”. it can also do some of the “magic” radio tricks that the TE OB-4 can do and you can even upload music to the stations, the link is in the github description. :slight_smile:

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Wonderful. Can you link me to the explainer on this please? I can’t find the background of this on GitHub, only instructions on how to install.

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i’m not sure that there is one at the moment, maybe someone involved in the project can clarify?

done! so great thanks everybody for contribuite… im gonna plays radio-pirate for long time tonight

after many re-installinng i’ve tried as @infinitedigits says on discord this command sudo apt install curl vorbis-tools lame ffmpeg via ssh and now everythings works fine


i’ll add some background on this in the next day or two at the start of this thread and on GitHub.

in the meantime, here’s a brief summary: pirate radio was initiated as an educational project that teamed up folks who had expertise in creating norns scripts with folks who were interested in learning about scripting. it was super fun and i would love to see more projects like this happen for the lines community.



it was also a way to mark the 1rst anniversary of the norns study group discord.


Well, got it fully up and running on my main machine! Yay radio pirates!!! The buffer magic is a really cool trick, very impressed by how seamlessly it switches from live to slowed, looped, and back again.

I was trying to get it going on my secondary fates because it usually has more space in the audio folder, but it has sidekick and eyesy installed… its’s the only real difference between my two machines so maybe there’s something there interfering? It was fetching audio and streaming radio aporee just fine, it just wouldn’t start station playlist playback.


I too have eyesey and sidekick, was wondering when I saw that go by in boot if it was a thing here.

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just to be clear…your primary machine is also a fates?

Yes, got it running on a fates running the latest firmware. No special steps, just ran the “;install…” command in maiden, restarted, ran pirate radio, let it download what it needed and I was up and running in about 2 minutes.

Running fates on version 210927, internet via Ethernet, looks like I’m almost out of disk space now so I don’t know how long it will last… Might just have to bail on the more experimental stuff on the second fates.

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Fantastic. Thank you.
Perhaps in adding to it, it would be something like


pirate radio was initiated as an educational project that teamed up folks who had expertise in creating norns scripts with folks who were interested in learning about scripting. it was super fun and i would love to see more projects like this happen for the lines community.

At its essence it’s a norns script running a pirate internet radio station that streams content, audio, weather and music that’s contributed from the lines community directly to your Norns. You can go here (insert link) to upload or contribute audio content.

It also adds some additional features such as an Equalizer, Visualiser, Commenter, Timewarper and Effects to spice up the experience.

Obviously edit for accuracy/ taste, but I think that second paragraph is what I was looking for initially.

Either way, this script alone has sold me on picking up a Norns. Well done, I’m excited to dive in and contribute.

Can people contribute fake weather reports too? That would be fun to record some weather stuff. Haha.


this is such a fun idea. YES. just like in nightvale with the mysterious cloud or whatever that moves around the city. “this just in… squids are falling from the sky in houston…”


I have no idea what nightvale is, so I had to look this reference up and now I’m a little spooked. I used to have a strange recurring dream when I was young about looking out of my bedroom window to find a very pink tinted sky with a black “thinking” cloud resembling tar, floating above my home and making a buzzing sound. :sweat_smile:

@peachesandbacon, please make weather reports! even weather at sea for us seafaring types and space weather too.


I will 100% make some weather reports.

Will give me a good excuse to sample some weather. We’re going through La Niña in Australia at the moment, there’s a lot of wind, storms and rain to record.

I’m thinking they can be combined with some modular recordings too. think along the lines of “the east coast is being hammered by a melodic thunderous storm of sine waves right now” :blush:

I will however need to acquire a norns at some point soon to use the script. But I can of course create some in the meantime.


Dumb question : if you connect the norns to a connection with a vpn, does the weather report that we hear is in another langage ?

@tyleretters Oh yeah ! Fake weather reports from nightvale !

I cans do some in French , there is an adaptation « bienvenue a valnuit »

first episode : https://radio-roliste.net/wp-content/uploads/powerpress/VLN1.mp3

Another idea :
It could be fun to have a radio station that streams some conference from philosophers : noam chomsky, michel foucault, slavoj zizek etc…

I did this for a song with a conference from michel foucault that I sampled

my goal was to merge the word “presence” and “blessure” (presence and wounds) in the sentence


i would listen to a philosophy station all day.

yea, the weather report is based off IP, so if you’re on a VPN you’ll get the weather at that node.


How does the community feel about what gets uploaded to what station? Do you have requests for things not to be added to certain playlists even if they fit genre? Is it fully open? Of course the inherent lines code of courteous behavior applies but I don’t want to go stepping on any toes.

Also, what’s up with the coffee cup station? Seems to always be between stations and never clearly tuned, no track listings but things that sound roughly familiar… does it pull from other playlists and do some crunching behind the scenes? It has a lovely late-night-trying-to-dial-in-that-strange-station-from-several-counties-away-that-you-never-quite-get feeling that i remember

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for some reason we had it misconfigured and it wasn’t accepting uploads… i just fixed the code but it might take some time for coffer to synchronize.

it’s open, everyone is free to share their stuff.

but maybe try to not put copyrighted material.

if it’s something like your own ambient jungle remix of an old Britney Spears song i guess it’s kinda alright. if it’s a straight youtube-dl dump of the last Burial i’m not sure.

the ideas is to share OC and open (public domain) content, not to pretend you’re a DJ and not leave room for others to share.


I finally got pirate radio working today and i love it :slight_smile:
The graphics and radiostatic simulation are really cool and I heard some really sweet music so far!
Do the tracks on each station always play in the same order? I just had to restart and the same stuff seems to be on as when i started the script the last time.

Theres one thing I’m confused about though: When norns loses it’s connection to the internet all the station get stuck in a loop of about 0.5 seconds. Since all the music, apart of the aporee stream, get’s downloaded that’s a bit weird and unfortunate for people with an unstable internet connection.
I think it would be really cool if it would work completely offline too, right now it breaks when trying to update the stations without an internet connection.

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i would add to this that while developing this project there was not much (or any?) interest in having stations primarily organized by genre.