Pitch drop issues with Ansible/Kria

Hi all.

I’m experiencing some bugs with the fourth pair of CV/TR on my Ansible which I think is related to the CV. Whatever module I connect to these gets this weird pitch drop at the end of every triggered note. This makes it a bit tricky to work with. Has anyone experienced something similar?

I got mine from EFN just a couple of months ago, and since it does meta-sequencing I guess the latest firmware is installed. I’m also using a brand new Grid128.

I guess I could try to update the firmware or just resetting the thing. But I never got that USB A-A cable when I recieved mine. I’ve read the documentation and I’ve noticed it requires a cable that is «not a transfer cable». What does that mean? Is the point here that the cable is shielded?

it’s just a USB cable with two A connectors. a “transfer” cable is expensive and has extra circuitry to create an actual network. you just need a dumb cable. it’s also confusing that your ansible didn’t include one because we packed on in every box. but you should be able to find one for $3 or so. we sell them direct but it doesn’t make sense to ship them overseas: https://market.monome.org/collections/other/products/usb-a-a

if the problem is just one output it may be an issue more complex than firmware, but it’s worth a try first. e-mail info@monome.org if the problem persists.

Ah, thank you for the clarification on the cables! I’ll go buy a A-A like that tomorrow and give it a try, if it doesn’t solve the issue I’ll send you an e-mail.

Thanks : - )