Pitch to midi?

Hey all - Any pitch to midi scripts out there?


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I have some sketches which i haven’t published, but the idea I have messed with was to use the polls as a kind of a “virtual CV”. I was e.g. driving a norns params and NTS-1 filter frequency by using the micromodular Bastl Kastle as a modulation source.

Evidence :a: a livecoded sketch

Here Kastle pitch is used to modulate norns script parameters.

Evidence :b: a kind of an actual script on norns with UI

Kastle pitch→poll on norns→MIDI cc→NTS-1 filter frequency. Audio source is Kastle.

MIDI cc counts as MIDI, right? Going for notes would work similarly, but cc is more fun for me xaxaxa. Planning to explore these ideas more in the future, and maybe get that pitch→MIDI cc script in :b: published too.

Edit to answer your question, i haven’t seen any. It’s a wonderful world of opportunities.

Edit oops sorry maybe the example :b: was actually using volume as modulation source, and I have the pitch source half programmed, half incomplete, half buggy.