Pitchfork Article on the Modular Youtube Scene

The best part about this particular YouTube rabbit hole is that the den it leads to feels as warm and inviting as any community on the internet. These days, that’s a rare thing.

several lines members ( @stripes @annannie @rbeny ) are mentioned in this article! the modular youtube scene is a big part of why i decided to build a case and take the plunge, and the videos that you all post are constant sources of inspiration.


don’t forget @fourhexagons! kudos, all — what a lovely feature.


Great article - I was surprised to see mentions of Freunde von Freunden and the concept of hygge, both of which I love.


This article just introduced me to Elinch’s videos, and now I’m GASing for a Morphagene and an ER-301 even more than before. :worried: